Dorm Booze : Never Learns – At Bottom Line

Dorm Booze : Never Learns

Diego is not amused when he finds a pair of Erik’s underwear hanging on the handle of the dormitory door. Diego is forced to dish out yet another spanking and paddling to the incredibly thick headed Erik.


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Dorm Booze – Never Learns


Title 2257


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  1. Irony often is a bitch brutally biting beatable boys in the bared brat-butt. While Diego is headmaster’s favourite prefect on account of being as good at spotting spankable student squirts’ shenanigans as soundly spanking such scoundrels’ stripped seats sorely-sorry for such stupid stuff, sodomy is the sole school-rule ban he tends to turn a blind eye to, rather than enforce by eerily-exposed-endurance, or contenting himself with a hand-spanked ride OTK as the sinner was found, a rare lash-less lecture to learn the rules ‘easily’, feeling it’s just absurd to deny knaves utterly used to nudity with class- and bunkmates what comes naturally amongst consenting cur-peers, letting off sexual steam without harm or victim; so he allows passing it off as innocent ‘mates massage’, while making crystal clear anyone found a penetrating predator will regret it ruthlessly rotten-ruffian-rear-red-raw-ravaged recurrently as long as Diego has him as spankable charge.
    The boys have a whole code language of messages by hanging garments and other objects on dorm room door knobs, signalling when they are ready/available for various chores, services, games… Those are generally allowed, some actually encouraged, on Diego’s watch normally even boxer-shorts meaning someone is ‘welcome for intimacy’, but(t) Erik abuses this like about all rules: running out of his average allowance constantly, he used to extort juniors, but having learned the hard-handed way Diego always finds out and flails the fiend full-force for it, has resorted to pimping himself, selling sexual favours for cash to buy contraband or in kind, and that’s how the prefect found-out.
    So duly dealing with a devilkin drinks ‘drug’-dealer by dreaded doses of defrocked-derriere-discipline due deserts, a dozen days at dessert-time in dorm, Diego traces this crime by following the cash, leading to clientele including ever-broke-before-Wednesday Erik, whose boxers on Friday mean he’s even earning dirty money for other contraband, as turns out tobacco, the poison Diego hates most as it cancer-killed his gentle, generous godfather Geraldo, his only kinsman who used to let knaves off mercilessly with a lecture hand-spanked OTK without the traditional ancestral azote agonizing their abject arses abundantly as always at-home, except for reoffending or even double dose for crazy risks, like smoking, as Geraldo and his GP found it impossible for him to quit.
    Diego feels the only thing allowed to keep smoking when he smells nasty nicotine in his near-never-nastier-naked-nates-nurture-needy, naughty-natured knave-charges’ dorm are bare-balls brats’ brightly-burning, brutally-blistered bottoms as a bountifully-butt-black-and-blue-beaten bunk-boys-bunch’s bellowing bodes better behaviour beyond the bloody booty-call-booty.
    However unfair it feels to be fiercely-fanny-flailed furnace-fiery for a fellow’s fucking folly, all dormmates resign they were duly warned that only who would report it were exempt of passive-accomplice’s portions of pantless posterior-punishment: two-dozen leather-lash-licks kneeling over one’s bed-side as warm-up, and twice once’s age in cruelly-criss-crossed cane-cuts, head-down over bed-end; doubled and diaper-positioned for the culprit’s bunkmates, berated as ‘brats beyond bird-brain, bloody baby-brain-behaviour’.
    After a night crying on their bellies, the others all get cold cream next day, in each room in turn, there having witnessed Erik -whom Diego rubs-in with burning brine after a cold shower before bedtime, forbidden to wash before breakfast, for a fortnight- stripping starkers to endure exactly what each dormmate’s doleful derriere deserved due-to his despicable deed, with occasion to hand-spank him OTK at their displeasure, which half does, and each room-elder is ordered to give him a full whipping, touching-toes ginger-feaged by the room-benjamin.
    To preventively, radically reduce any repeat risk of currish contraband crimes, canine school mascot Rex was trained as tobacco-,drug-&alcohol-sniffer dog, who fetches a cane, tawse viz. belt according to the contraband to Diego, whom he shows where his infallible nose found it, so a full-force foolish-fledgling-frockless-fanny-flogging can follow for-sure, first on the spot, next flogged through the dorm. 
    For reoffending smokers, he’s ordering a birch, expecting upending Erik’s eerily-exposed-extremities eventually to break it in at assembly, as headmaster agreed in advance.