Dom – Bubble Bath Blues

 Dom comes home after football practise. Dad is busy working in the living room on a important project. Dad tells Dom to get some dinner from the freezer and only disturb him if it is very important.
 So weary Dom decides to strip off and go for a nice long soak in the bath

 Once he is squeaky clean he decides to have a little nap. So the young lad gets into his pajamas and settles into bed…
Soon though he is feeling rather randy and decides to have a look at some porn on the ipad. 

One thing leads to another and his pajama bottoms get pulled down as Dom deals with his excitement.

Big Mistake!

Dom has used the business wifi connection and the work files that his farther was transferring gets disrupted! His furious father storms into the bedroom to catch his young son playing with himself whilst using the forbidden wifi!
Dom has done this one time too many and soon finds himself over his fathers knee getting his bottom soundly spanked and slippered

Dad is really angry and spanks the young man until his bottom has turned a shade of crimson!

Eventually his father finishes and Dom is left soothing his sore cheeks. Dom is told to go straight to sleep with no supper!

This Movie Contains Gratuitous Scenes Of Full Frontal Nudity!

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One Response to Dom – Bubble Bath Blues

  1. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    This looks like Straight Lads Spanked best video to date. The model is gorgeous with a beautiful body. I’d love to see round 2 next, have the father wheelbarrow him and then put his butt over the back of a chair! Would be awesome.