Czech Guys Next Door becomes Str8Hell

 William Higgins’ new site is

Back in 2000 the well known US gay film director William Higgins, famous for movies such as The Boys of Venice, The Best little Whorehouse in LA and Kip Noll and the Westside Boys moved to Prague the capital of the Czech Republic where he acquired the Euro Military website which later became William a massive wonderland of glistening and beautiful male flesh.

 Then in 2004 William Higgins launched Czech Guys Next Door, enabling him to explore more fetish subjects, such as spanking, bondage and other less “vanilla” activities 

Czech Guys Next Door launched in July 2004 with an incredible photo shoot featuring the now iconic Mad Brown Monk spanking the impossibly handsome Vavclav Mikula.
 Poor Vaclav got spanked in virtually ever conceivable position

 Including the conventional one


Czech Guys Next Door had now moved location to a new and bigger site called:

 As well as the spanking, which is shown here, Str8Hell features bondage, BDSM (Duty Bound) Wrestling, tickling, CFMN humiliation and Airport Security strip (and cavity) search sessions

 The Mad Brown Monk continues to take his toll on firm young East European flesh 

 As do various other tops and disciplinarians

 Orriginal Czech Guys Next Door material remains available in the archive section of Str8Hell

 Zendo Reif
 Vaclav Mikula
 Airport Security
 The superb Boris and Daniel Student

 Joska Kalvoda



3 Responses to Czech Guys Next Door becomes Str8Hell

  1. Great pictures and drop dead gorgeous guys, I just wish Higgins would do more over the knee spankings with the guy actually getting his butt spanked.

    That said, I LOVE the Vaclav Mikula set and also the one with Daniel Student.

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    I wish Boris had spanked Jiri the Messenger in his heyday.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Vaclav is so very sexy