CP4Men – Student gets a spanking

Jason SO deserves a spanking!

These images are from one of CP4Men’s earliest Videos “Spank & Go 3” which features four bad lads Tommy, Mohammad, Franco and Jason ( who is pictured here).  Jason’s spanking, which is also available as a separate clip entitled “Student gets a Spanking” remains one of my favorite spanking scenes, mostly because Jason so clearly deserves to be spanked.

To my mind, Jason comes close to being a perfect candidate for the bare bottom spanking he receives, handsome but surly and arrogant he glowers threateningly at the camera clearly humiliated by what is being done to him. Which makes it all the more fun to see him get it!!  The expressions on his face are exquisite, and scene at the end when, Jason, naked except for his school tie, rubs his sore red bottom while staring sulkily at the camera, is really sexy.    
Student gets a Spanking was released in 2008 and was CP4Men’s first ever wide screen production

Brief preview video

If you are anything like me you will really want to see this boy get spanked, you’ll want to spank him yourself, and then, when you’ve finished you will want to spank him some more.  If Jason is ever able to sit down comfortably, someone is not doing their job properly!!


a link to the CP4 Men 18USC.2257 declaration can be found in the right hand column at this blog

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11 years ago

This was the first CP4Men clip I ever bought, and it is also one of my most favourite. Its a very simple OTK spanking, but jason’s facial expressions make it very erotic

He’s very spankable

11 years ago

Nice! Though it looks like he could have used a dose of the belt or paddle too 🙂 🙂