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Copyright: Better Late Than Never

Last term Fernando was punished when the school received complaints of illegal downloads of copyrighted content over the dormitory wifi. Having figured out the actual culprit was Marc – Fernando has been forced wait until the spring term for his revenge…


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Copyright: Better Late Than Never


Title 2257

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10 months ago

Although for fourth-born farm-boy Fernando, ‘fatherly’ fulmination and frockless flailing from furiously-full-force-fledgling-fanny-flogging father-figures fatally feel fairly fine, just like his hell-hot humble-hound-hurdies-hidings at home, still peacock-proud as poor paisano to be spanked at pantsed-preppy-par with better-born brat boys, hence regularly, sometimes even alone, bearing the bared-brat-butt-blistering burden of (bunk)buddy-bad-behaviour, he has a huge reserve and exception: he can’t afford to allow such frat-like foolery compromising his study and grades, which he needs to keep up at pain of compromising his scholarship.
So when prankster Marc draws him along by copyright violations in a common paper, incurring not just CP and detention, but an F spoiling his fine average, it’s payback time, when the crucial message this can’t be repeated is made crystal-clear by threatening to tell prefect Diego all Marc’s un-spanked shenanigans unless he submits to stage-stripping and supposedly-suitable spanking-sequences spot-on from Fernando, who doesn’t enjoy this any more than when he was ordered back home to spank younger kin curs, unlike his firstborn brother Bruno ‘Brutus’, who enjoyed nothing more than sneakily-sadistically standing-in for their firm-handed farmhand-father as fucking-firm filial-fanny-flailing fun-flogger, spanking so soundly the scarlet-swatted subject-squirt-seat’s surely-super-sorrily-sore-sight showed the spankophile suitable as substitute-foreman, charged with scolding, stripping and scarlet-striping ‘sub-standard slaving squirts on sight, on site.
By the bonnie bum-busting boy’s bucolic back-home bad-behaved-brat-butt-beating standards, barely blistered black and blue beyond bearable, Marc is getting it easy, eery exposure excepted, elder-educator-enjoyment-exempt, even if, compared to his private discipline record, this feels like a multiplied hell-night, the kind of cruel coverless-cur-cones-criss-cross-crimson-cutting CP his family only expects as frat challenge, at home it’s usually just Sir’s hand OTK, ‘six of the best’ lashed over a stool with the insolence-victim’s belt or a rulering for a bad report card, only pop’s patriarchal privilege permitted periodically pounding a pitiless paddle at the pitifully-pouting puppy’s perfectly-perilously-pantless-presented posterior progressing from pristine pink to proper pain-purple as periodic pious passion-procedure on either’s birthday and Good Friday or when father desperately refers him for major mischief.
Still, seeing the semi-shyly-stripping, soundly-sorrily-sore-spanked smirky scoundrel-schoolmate squirm, squeal and slowly sink into softly-subdued sobbing and shivering subsequent to submissively suffering swats-scores-secured sufferance-severity, sympathy submerges sweet-natured Fernando, who stops spanking short of scheme-completion and shares some of his secret soothing crème-stash, switching from stern spanker- to sympathizing sibling-style, to stay as semester-sweetening spankable-student-squirts-solidarity, sharing study, stuff and sentiments as substitute-siblings, a superiorly-suitable softy-satisfaction.