College Boys Spanking: Tomas and Kuba

Tomas and Kuba

Tomas and Kuba were caught playing cards, smoking, and drinking beer while their room is in complete disarray. This results in them having to be punished, first up is Kuba who receives the wooden bath brush while over the master’s knee. Tomas tells his friend to be brave, all too soon it becomes his own turn, and he sees it’s very painful to bear, so Tomas tries protesting but it’s futile and his just punishment continues. The master continues to punish the students one by one; the boys are spanked vigorously by hand while over the master’s knee. Next the master produces a wooden paddle and the boys nervously await what they know is coming next. First Kuba and then Tomas receives the wooden paddle while over the master’s knee, followed by a vigorous and painful spanking by hand on their already sore bare ass and ass hole. Afterwards the master orders the guys to tidy up the room, or they will be in for an even more severe punishment.



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