A Sore Bottom For Travis

Click here for A Sore Bottom for Travis, the Story of bad boy Travis on the day when all his comeuppances came at once, and they were all aimed at his butt!

Story by Strictop, pictures and plot line by Bruce 


 Note: The story involves spanking and other forms of Butt punishment

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11 years ago

there needs to be a retrospective of travis from spankingcentral. the last two scenes he did over the saw bench are my favorites EVER.

Rood Dood
11 years ago

For a minute I allowed myself to thing that Travis might actually be back at spankingcentral!!

Great story and really good photoshopping here but there is only one Travis in my heart. There never has been another boy who comes close to Travis and unfortunately I doubt there will ever be another. Such a shame he burnt his bridges with Cliff and will probably never appear on video again.

11 years ago

Guys can you help us Where and when was’Travis’ previously starring?