8 Responses to Can Anyone Identify This Picture?

  1. From mans hand films that’s all I know aom23

  2. Actually is got 2 lads in but I can’t member the name I have seen it thou his dad spanks the son then the friend

  3. It’s from Mans Hand Films video # 170 (If You Ever Got Spanked at School). I don’t own it, but did purchase a clip of their video # 182 (Over My Lap). The actor playing the dad appears in this latter clip and is a great spanker.

  4. From Man’s Hand Films, MHV170 – If You Ever Get Spanked at School.

  5. It’s MHV-170, “If you ever gets spanked at school”

  6. I believe it is from the second half of MHF 170, “If You Ever Get Spanked at School.”

  7. It is from MHV170 – If You Ever Get Spanked At School (from the second part).

  8. Mans hand films – If you ever get spanked at school