Brett Stevens : Jamie’s Birthday Spanking

Jamie is back! It’s his 19th birthday! Following tradition, the gang of lads that Jamie belongs to.have all paid for Birthday Boy Jamie to visit Mr X for a birthday spanking!

This young lad receives 19 painful strokes of the cane on his pert bottom. Mr X makes Jamie count out each stinging stroke!

With it being Jamie’s birthday, Mr X decides that Jamie should receive some of the strokes in his birthday suit!
  Poor Jamie is made to completely strip until he is completely naked, 
This was the first time that str8 lad Jamie had ever experienced the cane. He really felt each stroke! What was captured on film were 100% real reactions from Jamie bending over and getting properly caned!

Video Trailer


One Response to Brett Stevens : Jamie’s Birthday Spanking

  1. Avatar Clansmanchris
    Clansmanchris says:

    Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes – or should that be warmest beatings from at least six of the best – from me, to the birthday boy too!

    If he ain’t hot enough in his footy kit, he certainly is out of it, and his lovely little arse and leggies will be after I have finished leathering him!

    Report to me now birthday boy at as I have a little present of my own I wish to give you!