Ben’s Birthday Spanking

From Straight Lads Spanked: It’s Ben’s birthday which means he has to face the yearly ritual of visiting Mr X for his
birthday spanking!


The gang of lads that Ben belongs to have contributed money to pay for his birthday spanking! As Ben is 24 this year he gets 24 swats! Some from the Leather Paddle and some from the Cane. Mr X delivers the first set over Ben’s jeans.

They are soon removed though and Ben has to take the next lot over his tight, white briefs.


Of course, true to tradition. Ben is made to completely strip down to his birthday suit as he takes the remainder fully naked!
By the time the 24th stroke has landed, Ben’s bottom is left sore and red with stripes from the cane visable across his by now tender bottom!

……….. More from Mr X! “Normally the birthday spankings are quite fun to shoot as the lad is not actually being punished so Mr X can be less serious and the birthday guy can be more relaxed. However, in this case the shoot was rather intense. Ben is not only still a rather new addition to Straight Lads Spanked he is also simply not used to receiving Corporal Punishment. So this was quite an ordeal for him, receiving both the leather strap and the cane for the first time. What is great about Ben though is even though it’s all new he does not wimp out and really goes through with it. You can clearly tell though from this spanking that he is very nervous about each hit and is really feeling it. The anticipation seems to be almost as bad as the actual swat itself. What I am really pleased about is that I had a face cam positioned in such a way that you can see exactly what Ben is going through in glorious detail! For this reason, I have kept in as much of this footage as possible and included a lot of split screen so you can see both the ‘rear’ and ‘front’ action most of the way through.

There is one negative thing about this film which I would like to mention. The camera operator holding the main camera was rather shaky and this has resulted in some sections which are a little erratic . In particular at the beginning when Mr X is talking to Ben. However, once the spanking begins it calms down and I have done what I can in the editing process to minimise this. I honestly feel though that you will be too focussed on the subject of the movies (handsome Ben) to worry about anything else. Of course, every negative has a positive and I can assure I will be bringing in the model that was holding the camera and he will be facing my first 100% genuine ‘real life’ spanking! 

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