Bailey – The Humiliation


A new release from Straight Lads Spanked

Will Bailey ever learn to control his temper? During a recent football game he missed an easy penalty and took out his frustration by punching fellow team mate Brett! Coach Barton has already warned Bailey about his behaviour. In fact last time Bailey was punished by Coach Barton for his behaviour he was told that if it happened again he would be spanked in front of his team mates…………

Bailey never believed Coach Barton and that was a big mistake!

Tough, arrogant Bailey finds himself facing the local spanker Mr X for punishment. He thinks he can deal with whatever Mr X is going to dish out………

He never dreamed that the real punishment was getting spanked in front of his team mate!

His teammate is Brett! Bailey can hardly take in the sheer humiliation of it all! Finally this naughty young man is brought down to size. You can see what a struggle it is for Bailey to drape himself over Mr X’s knee whilst grinning Brett is enjoying the show! even worse is that Mr X is spanking hard and Bailey is struggling to take it! Then having to strip off his football shorts and top standing in only his tight white pants, vulnerable as Brett carries on watching. This athletic lad is wriggling and protesting but Mr x carries on spanking! Finally Bailey is forced to strip naked. It’s really too much. He loses all sense of control and cries out and wriggles of Mr X’s lap as the spanks turn his pale white bottom bright red!and then Mr X has finished spanking…………


but the punishment is not over!

Bailey is told that Brett will be finishing things off!!!!!

Bailey simply wants the earth to swallow him up as broken and beaten this naked hunk has no choice but to go over his team mates knee and suffer the sheer indignity of getting spanked by one of his peers! All Bailey can think of is what will happen when the rest of the team here about this and even worse if his girlfriend finds out!

The Ultimate Humiliation!

“Here you are again Bailey”!

“Brett pulls up a seat to watch”!

“Spanked in front of Brett, you can’t be serious”?

“I guess I’m going to have to get spanked”!

“Stripped to his underwear whilst Brett grins away”!

“The humiliation for this muscular lad is almost too much to bear”

“Please Sir! Not my underwear too! I’ll be naked”!! 

“Stripped Bare”

“Brett is told to finish off the spanking”

“The Ultimate Humiliation”

“Broken and Defeated”
Video Trailer
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A note from Mr X
I feel this is a great clip but it should have been better… Sadly there was a technical nightmare on the day of filming, with one camera not working and another being of reduced quality. I have made moves to make the footage as good as it can be and even done some re shoots however it is still slightly flawed. So for this reason I am making this clip available at $10.99 which is the lowest price that clips4sale allows. I am confident that, despite the setbacks you will find this a very enjoyable video.

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11 years ago

Man it is so erotic to see a guy like that get spanked and humiliated

11 years ago

Bailey’s beaten by Brett bare blushing buttocks beautiful

Mr X
11 years ago

I’m really glad you are enjoying this! πŸ™‚