Andy – Bath Brush Beating

This intense movie follows on directly from Andy’s Mouth Soaping!

Having been sent to fetch the dreaded bath brush, Andy is dragged back into the living room. Mr X drags the sorry lad over his knee and proceeds to beat his jean clad buttocks with the heavy wooden brush.

From the outset, Andy clearly feels every strike and struggles to take the punishment. The protection from his denims is soon taken away as Andy is ordered to remove them.

 All Andy has left on is skimpy white briefs and they offer little protection against relentles strikes from the brush. Mr X holds Andy in place as he wriggles around trying to avoid the pain from the brush.

The briefs get removed and Andy gets spanked bare bottom. The colour of his sore leave the viewer in doubt how severe the punishment is.
 Andy tries to escape the blows but Mr X simply pushes him into a new positon. The wheelbarrow position!

Eventuallly the punishment is over. Mr X helps Andy out by rubbing some soothing cream into his throbbing bottom.

………….””More from Mr X………………………………

hmmmm, so what can I tell you abou this movie? For a big lad Andy has a very low pain threshold compared to most other guys on the site. I think his School Janitor Caned movie shows just how much he struggles. So this beating was a major challenge for Andy. He nearly gaave up after the first few spanks. However, he managed to get through over 20 mins of intense punishment! His facial reactions clearly show how much it is hurting”””..


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