Amateur Spanking Boys – Scott Strapping

Scott Strapping
Due to a pretty unbecoming behaviour, Scott is serving a little sentence just before the real punishment begins: he’s facing the wall with his hands behind his head, waiting for Master to arrive.

When he does, he sends Scott to lie on the bed to receive a series of lashes with a leather belt, followed by loud hand spankings, both on his red shorts and on the bare buttocks. After getting completely naked, Scott goes back to lying on the bed for Master to punish him severely with a painful two-tailed leather strap, alternating powerful slow lashes and faster ones, where the intensity of speed doesn’t allow for an escape.


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The boy’s stamina is put to test when an additional series of good and healthy hand spankings is added. The well deserved punishment goes on: Master picks up another painful two-tailed leather strap to use on the boy in different positions. Besides the strapping, Scott also receives a series of hand spankings, which are no less excruciating.

The youngster continues to suffer until, at some point, he instinctively tries to escape but Master grabs him by one ear and pulls him back, so that the spanking is not evaded. While Scott lies on the bed with his legs raised, Master continues the boy’s punishment using a leather paddle alternated with hand spankings. Scott’s open buttocks disclose a view on his beautiful asshole and Master takes full advantage of this position, pelting Scott with both the leather paddle and his hand.

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