Amateur Spanking Boys: Mito Kovac Paddles

Mito Kovac Paddles

There are a few days left before Christmas, and Mito still doesn’t have the money to get a nice gift for his girlfriend. So he goes to the master who offers him help, but in exchange proposes a very entertaining game to the boy, well at least very entertaining for the master but quite painful for poor Mito.


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Unfortunately, Mito can’t escape it if he doesn’t want to show up empty-handed to his girlfriend. So Mito must grit his teeth and face the harsh reality, even if it is so exceedingly difficult and tempting for him to give up. Many a time it seems like he might have to give up, as each subsequent paddle, paddling session and position he has to go through to reach his goal takes an immense toll on his sore ass.

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8 months ago

This is a very awesome post!