Academy Discipline :Paddle Sailing – At Bottom Line

Academy Discipline: Paddle Sailing

Lt. Diego concludes the punishment for the three cadets with Alex. However, the sounds of the paddle have grabbed the attention of Commodore Coburn…


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Academy Discipline: Paddle Sailing


Title 2257

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1 year ago

Remembering how much elbow-grease and endless effort at elaborate eerily-exposed-endurances (elder-educators-enjoyed any-way, as always) it took him as Academy’s all-AAs-aspiring ideal instructor to bum-bared-bumbler-brats-butts-batterings-better the before-bewilderingly-bad-bottom-scoring beneath-B-best-boys blazingly-black-and-blue and best-behaved blistered-bottoms-beware through plenty of pantless-posterior-pain-purple-poundings in private and practically-public places and private-parts-privacy-privated penitent positions, Diego decisively decided against dropping daily docks-down-derriere-dermis-damning due-deserts for dejectedly-defrocked-dick-dangling Alex, Aiden and Marc, resolutelyt raising their bar to regular results, grading and globes-glowingly-gruelling on a CP-correlated curve : whenever one scores beneath class average for anything, all three get it good on the bare, the culprit next a double dose as extras ‘for all the anal-area-agony his abominable, asinine attitude-absence puts his peers through again’, and as that’s very often, he orders daily evening wood runs with wickedly-well-wielded wood whoopings when-warranted to continue for them, on top of mandatory morning runs on the program, which about weekly warrant wood-workovers as Aiden is rarely fit-enough after the weekend.
Always jealously hoping to undermine Diego, sullen softly-spanker snake superior-ranking Riley seeks to see the superior spanker senior-scolded by stressing the longer part of these additional evening runs comes close to commodore’s residence, all the commotion compromising the coveted calm that contributes to cool, calming bird-song and -flight, the favourite passive pass-time of the commodore being observing those.
Senior Sir still sees a sunnier side to the situation, stating he similarly savours the sounds of songbirds and the sorely-sorry-swatted-song of submissively-stripping sub-standard-soldier-squirts squirming and sobbing suffering the ‘sound’ severity of suitably-severe student-soldier-seat-skin-super-sensitive-scarlet-spanking.
So Sir ‘strongly suggests’ a sensible songs of spanker and singers circuit, sparing the scarcer songbirds scaring-off, situating the sightly spankee’s stripping and sounding sufferance-scene splendidly in Sir’s sirely sight, superbly satisfying severe Sir’s spankophile streak. For the squirts, that means an extra mile, to cover in the same time, carrying complementary CP-risk. For Diego, it’s exceptional extra motivation to masterly motivate the meekly-male-mounds-mounted-mutts more mercilessly, to show-off to strict Sir and satisfy their shared-spankophile savagely-sore-spanked-squirts-sufferance-savouring.
For seen-through snake Riley, it means he further sinks in Sir’s eyes, to slivering serpentine slimy shed-scales status, supposedly soon to be shipped-off to some secluded shore-site sine spanker-status, thus freeing the spot to finally promote distinguished dacks-down-derriere-discipline-dispenser Diego to the rank and office fitting his admirable aptitude at amply advancing assigned asinine adolescents to academic and athletic AAs by appropriate attribute-to-attire-abandoned-anal-area-application as amply and ably as already acting all-over.
For most birds, it means shyly staying away of the area at recruits-run-times, only cheeky tits and magpies seem to enjoy watching the show busily twittering around, while blackbirds seem to simulate the squirts’ spanking-swats, squealing and sobbing sounds in song-stages, superiorly savoured by songbird-spotting Sir.