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Academy Discipline: Alex On Leave

Alex is back home from the academy between terms. Hector isn’t amused when Alex begins neglecting the rules of the house and is even less amused when Alex doesn’t show up to a scheduled presentation at their church….


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Academy Discipline: Alex On Leave


Title 2257


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6 months ago

Although leave is extremely rare under Diego’s dreadful derriere-disciplinarian ruthless rearing regime, so cadets like Alec usually spend weekends and holidays on endless extra chores under the cane, tawse-thought tutoring and well-whipped workouts, the rear-admiral’s rules require a few ‘family holidays’ spent at ‘home’ with a guardian kinsman, in Alec’s case grim distant great-uncle Hector, who couldn’t take him in permanently given his job as ambulant preacher, region-wide reputed for his sermons on hellfire, notably awaiting naughty kids who missed out on consistent Christian caregivers’ contemptible-conduct-correction by clothless-cur-cones-crimson-castigation, with a side-job as visiting chaplain to garrisons and vacant parrishes and informally-subsidized military recruiter, preaching military discipline is ideal to drill boys out of devil’s reach by temptation.
Hector greatly misses raising his own -now adult, moved-overseas- son, when reverend Sir still had a resident parish, and lovingly kept a small arsenal of arse-agonizing attributes aptly and amply applied to the adolescent’s absolutely-abject attire-abandoned-arched-arse-area ad-lib, also as defrocked-derriere-discipline-demo-dummy whenever Sir received another wayward lad and a caregiver, who was then invited to try the time-honoured teen-training-technique of trouserless-tail-tender-tanning torment on the innocent pre-spanked preacher-boy before deciding to adopt adolescent-arse-agony at-home and preferably signing a CP permission slip at the parish preceptor’s discretion.
Alec being at least as angelic and ad-hoc available at-home at-last, Hector properly plans pitilessly to practice plenty of pink-to-profound-purple-pounding paining-punishments on the pert puerile pup’s perfectly-perilously-presented pantless posterior, each each intimidation-intimating implement in turn intimately combined with his helplessly-heightened-humble-hound-hurdies-hard-hitting harsh-handler-hand, hours of educationally-elevating elder-enjoyed-eerily-exposed-endurance each-home-stay-day, making-up for many missed-out meekly-mounted-male-mounds-mercilessly-martyring-moments.
The last thing Alec, who ignores the above arse-agonizing-amusement-antecedents, wants to think about on rare leave (it’s his first ‘home’), is the naval academy, which is his never-ending nightmare of dreary duties, hardly-ever done well-enough to escape more stripping and spanking. He dreamed since daddy’s death of an actual holiday of fun in family surroundings, relaxing and recreation. He doesn’t mind doing chores, but(t) didn’t expect to be kept on the clock and controlled with CP-compelling, let alone be expected to take Sir’s suggestion to spend half a day as guest speaker, promoting what he never chose or wanted, as if a clear command, yet is crossly condemned for contrariness to copious clothes-confiscating cur-cones-crimson-castigation.
Caught communicating on contemptibly queer contact-site, his adorable arse is abysmally up again for adequately-abundant anal-area-agonizing attribute-application and his academy chaplain contacted to confiscate such satanic sodomy-stuff as smartphones just as Hector does here and insist instructors must keep knaves occupied non-stop ‘innocently’ working their tails off and taking trouserless-tush-torment-torrents for tiny training-flaws, leaving them too tired even to masturbate when finally ordered to bed, just hoping they scored well-enough to be granted sore-stern-soothing cold-cream, which Alex failed to earn at home by missing church group, gets warned instead that future abominable attitude may earn him ginger-feaging, rectal chilli-extract or a brine-bath.
Next Hector has arranged a long list of lewd lads and their lord-father-figures to learn all about naughty knaves’ need for nasty naked-nates-nurture, with abject angel Alex as delectable, dejectedly-dick-dangling demo-dummy, dolefully-derriere-dermis-doomed dawn-to-dusk.