A familiar smile of fascination – by Jason


I am delighted to bring you a contribution from Jason Driskill , an exciting young artist with an amusing and very sexy line in self portrait.  which I am sure many of you will enjoy.

Jason has promised to send us any new “on topic” pictures he creates, which I am looking forward to.

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15 years ago

his artwork brings out the lols

15 years ago

Just found this blog, its great, your photoshop pictures are extremely realistic, good job!!

Check out my blog 😀


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Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe
15 years ago

He is certainly a talented artist and has created some very amusing and clever images in various mediums.

He is also a cute and spankable young man!

15 years ago

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Jason Driskill
15 years ago

Hooray for LOL’s!

Thank you guys for the compliments and for checking out my work. I’m really glad you like it!

Robert Stone
15 years ago

I actually have some of Jason’s art pieces in my house. Lucky me!

But he makes sure I don’t get to close to him. Afraid I’ll spank him perhaps?