Sting: Kiwi College 12 (Part 1 of 2)

Kiwi College 12

The lads in college down under are still trying it on with with the staff. Pushing their luck as only they know how to do. Whatever they are up to is soon detected though as watchful eyes are always there to catch them out.

First to be caught misbehaving is Jarvis (Travis McKinnon) he’s trying to cheat in an examination but not doing it very well. Caught out by his Housemaster Mr Sharpe this senior is going to be on the sharp end of a good session of discipline for sure.







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The second lad up before the Headmaster is Carter (Ariel Varga) He’s been reported so many times for bad behaviour and cheekiness its high time he felt the burning sting of discipline too.

Enough is enough and its certainly enough for the Head to pick up his cane!











In part 2 new Sting lad Nat Brown becomes acquainted with the palm of Mr Sharpe’s hand and his trusty strap!!


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4 Responses to Sting: Kiwi College 12 (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Oh, Travis significantly decreased….Is he ok? Let’s hope he is well…
    Yes – now is time to see Marco again over Richard’s knee…or over Travis’ knee????????
    Because in last couple of movies we didn’t see spankers on the receiving end, and I think now is time to change it again…:-)
    Greetings and thanks to Rob and Richard

    • Hi
      I am pleased to confirm that Travis is in good health. He has lost some weight whilst he has been working away from the film industry. However, now he is back, he plans to put the weight and muscle back on.

      I don’t know if Marco will be getting spanked again any time soon, he is very much a spanker these days.

      • I am sure that most of your fans would be glad to see his “spanker’s” ass spanked again. Or Johan Volny’s too…because sometimes the spankers should be stricly informed that here is always a hierarchy. And for arrogant Mr. Sharp especially. And I this it should be done in front of some guy, f.e. in front of Mr. Wolf…Could you try to tell it to STG management? Thx Dave

  2. marco spanked again– yes please (the sexy hunk)