Sting: Discipline DownUnder “Cheeky” (Part One of Two)

Discipline Down Under: Cheeky!

Back down under again with another antipodean tale of scholastic life. Some of the senior lads at the local college are getting just a little bit above themselves and misbehaviour in general is slowly moving out of control. The Headmaster, Mr Sharpe (Marco) knows when to bring the shutters down on such brazen attitudes.

Waiting outside his study door are two of the main perpetrators Martin Douglas (David Hines) and Greg Morrison (Robin Palmer) they are both carrying notes to hand to their Headmaster, the contents of which will be far from amusing reading to him! Backchat, cheek and naughtiness are just some of the comments written by their exasperated teachers. These two need teaching a lesson and that’s just what they are going to get!

The Headmaster is known to come down hard on such blatant bad behaviour and the lads will soon be bending over touching their toes for the cane, This to be applied with their grey shorts both up …


… and down.



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However, their punishment is not over yet.


Part 2 and the video preview to follow





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  1. Tremendous welts. Had to take a ‘comfort break. 😉