Sting: Discipline Downunder “Cheeky” (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview

Discipline Down Under: Cheeky!

Part 2

The industrious headmaster, Mr Sharpe, continues to deal with the two naughty senior lads who have been ordered to report to him on account of their misbehaviour.


They have already been soundly caned, but Mr Sharpe has not finished with them yet.

Things are about to get even more uncomfortable for this naughty pair!


Such a demonstration of bad behaviour like this deserves a hard response and today, on top of the caning, both boys will be going over his knee for a spanking. This they’ll remember for sometime to come, Mr Sharpe will make sure of that!


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Cheeky young Greg Morrison continues to disobey The Headmaster’s order to face the wall.

So he gets extra!






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Discipline Downunder “Cheeky” – in Standard Definition


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3 Responses to Sting: Discipline Downunder “Cheeky” (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview

  1. Great to see Paul Wolfe get a proper school caning, and also his mate, David! Two very good models who give this video great credibility – as a ‘downunder schoolboy myself, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video!

  2. I would love to see the use of the tawse on boys outstretched hands. Each hand tawsed several times, then Followed by a caning of the butt.
    Topping and tailing.
    This could introduce some much needed variation to these scenarios.

  3. The tawse really would not fit in with the “down-under” theme! The tawse was mainly (I suspect probably exclusively ) a Northern hemisphere phenomenom, particularly associated with Scotland!

    As a schoolboy, I was caned on the hands (although most primary schools used a strap rather than a cane). Later as a schoolteacher myself, I strapped boys on their hands, but I had little enthusiasm for it!

    In my opinion, you really can’t beat a good whack on the bum!