SPK: French Country Spanking in “The Adventures of Mike”


French Country Spanking

The Adventures of Mike

A new ten episode series of films from the SPK “The Adventures of Mike” feature an unlucky young lad who, while studying French is sent to live on a farm, mwhere he and his new friends receive regular spankings.

In the Adventures of Mike, Mike’s adventures invariably end up with Mike getting spanked.

The Adventures of Mike are in French, and available with English subtitles from Clips4Sale




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One Response to SPK: French Country Spanking in “The Adventures of Mike”

  1. I enjoyed this a lot, even in French it is very easy to understand, and a very hot story line. Fans of the old TPLF studio are sure to enjoy it.

    An extra bonus is that the actor playing “Mike” has a resemblance to the incredible Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory.