Dirk had “Never Been Punished Before” – until he visited the Magic Spanking Factory

Never Been Punished Before
JustMagic describes the circumstances behind this movie: I have known this straight lad for about three years now. We met by chance at a bar. He is not gay so was rather shocked when I told him that I make spanking films (Yes, I am very open and honest about this) with young guys. Although, as I say he was somewhat shocked he was very inquisitive. We met regularly and he was always asking if I’d made any new films, who was starring in them etc etc.

Soon he started coming to the house for a drink and also met a few of the guys I spank during his visits.  It didn’t take long until he asked to see some clips. He was horrified!! I was a bit sad about this because I had noticed that this guy had a fantastic backside. You can imagine my amazement when last week he said that he would like to make a film! He left all the details completely up to me. His only specification was that he didn’t want his face to be seen. That though will soon change. Here is the clip.


Dirk was in need of punishment and that is what he got. This clip shows newcomer Dirk being back whipped, belted and hand spanked. Bent over a table his pristine white back was a very welcome target for the whip. Soon his back was striped and glowing read. The punishment continued with a prolonged belting on his very tight grey jeans.


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The view his jeans-clad bottom offered in this position was breathtaking. I ordered him then to remove his jeans and nearly dropped when I saw the white silky shorts he was wearing. He looked soooo sexy I couldn’t wait to grab the belt again and continue with his beating. And beat him I did. When I bare his buttocks I could feel the heat from the glow. His punishment I finish off with a stinging hand spanking which he hated.







The full length version of the Male spanking video “Never Been Punished Before” is at

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