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  • Featured ImageParker Suspended” at Spanking Straight Boys

    Parker Suspended” at Spanking Straight boys

    Parker is a hot, boyish 19-year-old straight boy with a handsome young face and hot body. After considering not coming back again, young Parker is back for his second Male Spanking video. It is, by his own reckoning, much harder than his first.


    When he arrived, Parker had no idea that he would be bound and suspended with his hands high above his head, feet only partially touching the floor. Once in that position, Tom begins spanking Parker. First by hand, and then with various implements including two riding crops and a wooden spoon which Parker finds very hard to take.

    Parker squirms, yells and struggles against his bindings as the session continues. Although Tom had to remind him repeatedly about respect and obedience, Parker conforms and is soon eager to please Tom in the hope that his submission will lessen his punishment. It doesn’t….







    A larger version of the preview video will be online at Tom’s Spanking Tube page in due course












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  • Spanking straight Boys: Cameron’s First Spanking (Part 2)

    Cameron’s First spanking (Part 2)

    Despite his youthful appearance, Cameron is in fact 23 years old, this is the second half of a very hard spanking which brings tears to Cameron’s eyes.


    By the time this half of the video begins, Cameron’s butt is red and sore. He has already taken more than many (if not most) of Tom’s first spankings entail, yet he is far from done. Tom uses an electric paddle, plastic ruler, wooden spoon, belt, leather strap, and, of course, his hand Cameron’s round butt.







    Preview video

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Harry – Dad Found Twitter


    This movie continues the story that started with Straight Lads Spanked classic

    Young Harry is just passing the day away in the park when he receives some Tweets from his friend Dom. 

    Dad is away and the party is at Dom’s house!
     Harry turns up ready for some fun but soon discovers all is not as it seems!

     This time it is payback time for Harry 
    Either take a spanking from Dom’s Dad or have his crimes reported to his own father

     Harry agrees to take a spanking but soon regrets the decision
    We have the interesting scenario when Dom’s Dad is spanking someones else’s misbehaving son.

     Down with Harry’s trackies ….

     “My son took his spanking BARE BOTTOM! …”
     “… and you are going to get the same!”

     Many smacks later …
     “You and Dom took £70.00 from my wallet ….”
     “… so you are going to get 70 more Spanks!!

     “.. Well, that’s 20, so there are another 50 to go……….!!

    Mouse Spank Harry’s sore bottom, or click here to view a preview trailer

    You can view screenshots from part one “Dom – Dad Found Twitter” by 



    Immediately following his very long and very hard spanking, and sitting on his very sore bottom,  Harry gave a short interview to Straight Lads Spanked.  Details and member reactions can be read here.

    During the interview Harry displays his incredible new (post-work out) body and well spanked bottom

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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Parker – Office Bully Spanked

    Parker has been caught fiddling the office expenses! The co-worker who caught him gave him an ultimatum, go to Mr X to get punished or the boss gets informed. 
    Mr X soon discovers that Parker has been a mean bully and has been terrorising the colleague who caught him stealing. It’s time he received some of his own medicine.
    Parker, is a cocky and, arrogant young man. Most offices have them! Well in this case you get to see the mean bully brought down to size and given the hard, humiliating, bare bottom over the knee spanking he so clearly deserves!
     A bully about to get his comeuppance

     Starting with a series of resounding smacks on the seat of his smart, snug fitting, suit pants

     Parker begins to realise that spanking stings – and its only just begun
    Get that shirt off ……………….. and now your pants!! 

    The thin cotton of Parker’s tight underpants offers little protection from Mr, X’s remorseless and well practiced palm …

    Now Parker will be spanked hard and long on his, already burning and bright red, bare bottom – the ultimate humiliation

     Now he’s really feeling it!! 
     But Mr. X has only just started

    Kicking his legs like a naughty child

     Attitude Adjustment!

    Comment by JockSpank: Believe me, after the first couple of minutes you will really want to see Parker get spanked, and when he does there is a really satisfying sense of pleasure at seeing this smug arrogant bully getting his just deserts.

    The transition from a cocky swaggering bully to a contrite, red bottomed, and very sorry for himself brat will leave most spanking fans ready to cheer! – certainly one of Mr. X’s most deserving victims 


    Mouse spank Parker’s well punished bare bottom, or CLICK HERE, for a preview video and further details
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  • Steve Wright’s First Spanking – at Spanking Straight Boys

    From a new American spanking studio Spanking Straight Boys

    First Contact Video! This video marks the first time Steve, who is just 18, has ever been spanked or touched sexually by a man. In fact, he had never even been naked in front of another guy. All that’s about to change.
    Tom of Spanking Straight Boys just couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t going to get his hands on Steve’s amazing ass, so he made Steve one last offer for a spanking video. It was too good for Steve to refuse, so he made a last-minute decision to accept. Of course, that meant Steve had absolutely no specifics about what he was in for. Tom gives Steve a lengthy, hard spanking.

    As the spanking goes on and on, Steve’s nervous smile fades and his eyes begin to tear up from the pain. At the end of this video Steve can’t believe how far his spanking has gone. And it was only the halfway point! Steve’s ass felt every bit as good as it looked and Tom was in no hurry to finish.

    Video Preview

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  • The Lee Brothers – Birthday Spanking (Straight Lads Spanked)

     Birthday Spanking – Andy & Patrick

    It’s birthday time for the Lee brothers!  Having birthdays only days apart the group of friends they belong to have decided to send them for their annual birthday spanking together!

    Both brothers have to endure the paddle and cane over jeans, boxers and finally bare bottom!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – “Real Punishment – Sebastian cane, paddle and bathbrush (Part 2)

    The second set of pictures from Sebastian’s “Real Punishment“.

    After a firm hand spanking and many stripes from the cane, now Mr X uses the leather strap on the unfortunate straight lad

    Mr X examines Sebastian’s blazing backside
    The orders the lad over his knee for a further spanking

    and now to the ultimate weapon, the dreaded bathbrush


    A few final hand spanks top bring the message home
    Result, one very sore and sorry straight lad
    The end

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – “Real Punishment – Sebastian cane, paddle and bathbrush (Part 1)

    In a recent release by Straight Lads Spanked hunky Sebastian took some real punishment, which the unlucky lad confirms left his plump round bottom bruised and sore days later.
    Mr X was genuinely angry with Sebastian and didn’t hold back, as he punished this deserving straight boy with a series of implements, interspersing each with a hard and humiliating over the knee spanking on an increasingly sore bottom followed by corner time, allowing Sebastian to reflect on what is to come.
    Mr X describes the movie as follows:
    This move is the most genuine punishment movie I have ever filmed. There was no made up scenarios…This was 100% real! I was angry and Sebastian got punished – hard!
    Sebastian gets spanked hard, then caned, then spanked again, then punished with the leather strap, then spanked again, then spanked with the bath brush and then spanked hard again!
    This movie was filmed without breaks. Everything you see is exactly as the punishment happened.
     Real Hard Punishment!
    Real Hard Straight Guy!


     Sebastian is ordered to strip

    and the he goes over Mr X’s knee for the first of many bare bottom hand spankings

    Mr X really know how to make a big boy feel small! …
    and very sore!
     Sebastian’s bottom is turning red, but nowhere near as red as it will be
     Now for some corner time
    Now the cane

     Now that hurts …
     a lot!

     More corner time, to think about what is coming!
     Mr X examines his handiwork
     and then gives Sebastian a second spanking


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  • Tommy – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

    The phone rings with bad news!!
    Tommy is in trouble, he was supposed to collect his 12 year old brother from school, but he forgot. So the school phoned his Dad and told him the boy had been abandoned. Dad had to leave work and pick up Tommy’s brother – and he’s not pleased!!
     Dad phones Tommy and tells him he will get the belt when he gets home 

     Tommy unwisely tells his Dad to “Fuck Off!” and that he is going to move out BAD MOVE

    Poor Tommy, he phones all his mates, and even an old girlfriend trying to find somewhere else to stay – but he can’t find anywhere – He realises there is no escape from Dad …and Dad’s belt!!  
     Tommy has no option but to wait for Dad …
     Knowing what to expect
     He strips down to his underpants as Dad instructed and continues to await his punishment
     Dad arrives and he is furious with Tommy, not only for forgetting to pick up his little brother but also for swearing at his father …..
     Tommy knows he is in for a seriously sore bottom!
     Dad removes his belt
     after ordering Tommy to lie on some pillows so that his bottom presents a fine target
     The punishment begins

     Tommy begs with Dad not to beat his bare bottom
     But Dad still pulls them down ..
     Leaving Tommy totally naked and exposed
     Now the bad boy is going to get what he deserves ..
     …. as the rest of Tommy’s beating is on his bare behind

    Many whacks later Dad pauses to survey his handiwork

    A very sore and well punished straight boy!!

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  • Oliver’s Birthday Spanking (Part 1)

    It’s Oliver’s 22nd Birthday and he he thinks he’s going to have a lie in but no such luck!  Oliver’s brother Fred togetehr with the Lee brothers Andy and Patrick arrive to drag him out of bed, and give him a birthday spanking of 22 smacks from each of them – that’s 66 smacks!!

    Oliver wriggles and tries to escape but the smacks all hit the spot, which is the birthday boy’s increasingly sore and red bottom

    Then the poor guy gets his birthday card and finds that all the lads from Straight Lads Spanked have clubbed together to buy a proper birthday spanking for Oliver from Mr X – which happens in Part 2.

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