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  • Saturday Spankables

    Starting the new weekend at our Spanking new site with the

    Saturday Spankables


    The first beefy set of spankables was contibuted by the artist Franco







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  • Saturday Spankables

    As Autumn / Fall begins to take it’s grip on the Northern hemisphere, I hope this week’s spankable will warm you all up a little
     Starting with the usual weekly contribution from our excellent friend 
    Scott Norway












     Now some deserving lads selected for JockSpank by 












     And those below are a few from my own collection 











  • Saturday Spankables

    It’s great to be back, after a brief period offline.  Thanks to Adam Spankee of BBFC for keeping the blog ticking over while we were unavailable.  However, everything is now back to normal and normal means that on Saturday, we have the SATURDAY SPANKABLES  

    Kicking off with some incredible images, chosen for JockSpank by our friend
    Scott Norway 

    Now some selected by our other good friend Sting’s Richard O’Shea

    The pictures below come from Bruce’s collection


    Recognize who this is?

  • Saturday Spankables

    Here are this week’s spankables, headed up by a particularly spankable bottom from UK Naked Men 
     Our first batch of deserving lads were selected for JockSpank by Rich O’Shea of Sting

     And now some incredible spankables from our friend and regular contributor 
    Scott Norway

    And finally, below a small selection from my own collection

  • Saturday Spankables

    We kick off this week with an army of handsome and spankable huinks selected for our enjoyment by 
    Scott Norway

    The next ten Spankables were tracked down, trussed up and sent to us by Rich O’Shea from Sting

    Now Some Spankables From Bruce’s Vast Collection



    As the spankables selected for JockSpank by the excellent SoupGoblin this week would qualify more as bears than they do as Jocks, I have posted them to our backup blog JockSpank II.  Those of you who prefer your Spankables with extra meat should

  • Saturday Spankables

     The last Spankables of Summer – laid out before you and ready to be spanked!

    Starting with a selection chosen by the man with the famous eye for a beautiful male bottom – Rich O’Shea from Sting

    And a contribution from another friend of JockSpank with impeccable taste when it comes to Male Booty – Scott Norway 

    And finally, with a side order of extra beef, some spankable hunks chosen by JockSpank’s prodigal son – SoupGoblin