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  • Spanking Interviews with Soup Goblin

    Spanking Interviews with Soup Goblin

    We sent our team, lead by one time JockSpank Contributor Soup Goblin out far and wide to interview ten guys on whether we could spank them or not. Some of their answers might surprise you!




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  • Comics (1)

    Back when the new google group opened, it motivated me to whip something up to celebrate. A number of “comic” style photo-morphs, obviously more than a little inspired by fellow Jockspank poster Mark’s. In the interests of archiving and spreading the love, I’ll be posting them here in batches of ten until I run out. So here we go . . .

  • The Votes Are In

    Well . . . fuck . . . That poll about me is closed . . . And you can all see what the results are. Three spankings a week for six months! Damn!

    I was with some buds when the judge finally passed his sentence, and then . . . shit, see for yourself. The dudes were fighting over the chance to be the first to fulfill the court mandate! They hauled me off, bared my ass, and then took turns spanking me. And then laughed as they made plans on who’d get me “next time”!

    This blows! Is this what we call justice!?

  • So about that poll . . .

    There’s only three days left on it, eh? And you’re all STILL overwhelmingly voting to give me three spankings a week for six months? All for just one–er, a couple, speeding tickets?

    I guess I got just one thing to say to all you voters!

    Not that I’m worried or nothin’. Three days is PLENTY of time for a reversal. And even if it doesn’t pan out for me, well . . . so what! How much could a bunch of measly spankings hurt, anyway? I can take it! Do your worst, JockSpank!

  • SoupGoblin’s pants are coming down

    With 8 voting days to go it is not looking good for bad boy SoupGoblin, if the current trend continues the careless young pup will be paying for his speeding offence with at least one, or more probably many severe bare butt spankings.
    According to the poll in the right hand column of this blog, so far less that 1% have voters have voted that SoupGoblin receive a non-spanking punishment and chosen the “Probation” option (that is a single individual, whom it has been suggested may be SoupGoblin himself attempting to thwart justice). Despite the young miscreant’s plea, nobody has voted for a fine, while 35% have voted that he should be spanked in front of the open court, and a massive 52% of voters believe he should be spanked three times a week for the next six months (a sentence I personally believe would be appropriate, but I would not seek to influence voters)
    It is starting to look as if SoupGoblin’s fate is sealed. However, even at this late hour things can change. According to the web statistics, this blog averages 800 to 1,000 visitors a day, if enough of you vote for Probation or a fine, you could still change the result.
    So it’s up to you, will you vote to save the handsome delinquent from, shame, humiliation, pain, his own page on YouTube and appearance on Sore Bottomed Guys? Or will you support the majority vote and endorse what is beginning to look inevitable, and ensure that SoupGoblin’s butt gets the sound spanking so many appear to believe it deserves?