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  • Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home” – PhotoShopped by Mark (Part 1 of 2)

    Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home” by Mark

    If you enjoy your art Hot and sexy with a large helping of wicked humour you have come to the right space.

    What better way to enjoy the weekend than indulging in the brilliant PhoptoShop artistry of Mark.

    Here is the first half of a two part series based on that extremely exciting theme “Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home!”

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  • Cartoon Manips by Mark

    Posted on by Ward

    Exciting News! I heard from Mark today, who tells me that he is working on a new themed set of pictures. He says that he has almost finished, and that he will send them to me soon, so that I can post them to the new JockSpank blog. I am sure that, like me, his many fans can not wait to see them.

    Meanwhile, Mark thought some of you might enjoy these manipulated cartoons he produced some while ago. I think they are great.

    If you have an comments please leave them on this posting on the old blog, until we get the issue with comments resolved here


  • Featured ImagePhotoShopped By Mark – An August treat

    A special Summer treat! A set of superb images from JockSpank’s favorite PhotoShop artist Mark


     Caught With His Pants Down
     Italian Mama 
     A Futile Resistance
     For The Cute Little Deer
     On Vacation
     Jeremy’s Beach Day 
     No Son of Mine!
     Future Rock Star
     Painful Move Back Home
    Makeshift Wood Shed



  • PhotoShopped by Mark

    Welcome Back Mark!!

    I know Mark’s fans have eagerly awaiting a new update and the wait is now over!!
    Click on the images below to see the full sized pictures


    As you will appreciate someone as talented and creative as Mark is in great demand and, therefore, a very busy man. Enjoy this update as the next one may not be until Christmas

  • An update on “PhotoShopped by Mark”

    We have received a number of messages from fans of PhotoShop artist Mark asking when the next batch of images will be posted at JockSpank
    Unfortunately Mark has been very busy with his “day job” recently, and PhotoShop art has had to be put on hold for a while. However, the good news is that Mark is planning to start working on a new post very soon.
    Mark tells me he misses the fun of creating the images but they are increasingly more time consuming.
    As he explains in his own words:
    Looking back at earlier stuff that I sent to you I realize that I started out just basically captioning photos I found on the web. There were occasional creations that had more complex composition but generally they were just a little bit of simple photo-shopping and an attempt at a clever caption. The latest images I sent have evolved into a whole different beast.

    There are generally multiple source images (sometimes dozens) that make up the panels. I create or expand the backgrounds, search for appropriate objects to enhance the setting (discarded clothing is more of a challenge than you might think especially if it’s character specific) and in many cases use multiple images to make up one figure (especially the spankers). So, although I’ve no one to blame but myself, I’ve now set the bar pretty high and I feel some pressure to keep up the standards.

    At one point we had discussed the possibility that your followers might be interested in the process of putting one of the images together; so I’ve compiled a series of images that show the step by step creation of one of the 2014 calendar pages. Hope this will tide the fans over until the next post which I hope be late April or the beginning of May

  • PhotoShopped by Mark – A Super hero tid-bit – Batman Disciplines The Flash

    Regular JockSpank contributor Mark, who creates the popular and much loved PhotoShop images of hunky, handsome guys getting spanked, which are regularly posted here, is working on a new series of images for 2014, which he hopes to post later this month – so watch this space.
    Meanwhile, to keep us fans happy until his next installment, here is a brilliant extra image which will delight Superhero fans, featuring Batman disciplining The Flash.