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  • Leaving comments on postings

    The facility to leave comments is now working. Although we have tried to enable Anonymous comments, unlike Blogger, the option of commenting Anonymously is no longer available with this system and you will have to quote a name and e-mail address. However, you can use any name, and the e-mail address will not be published, so your privacy will be maintained.

    For the time being those who wish to continue commenting Anonymously can, of course, use the link posts at the old JockSpank, however, those may eventually stop.


  • Post Ratings

    I apologise for the fact that, in some instances the Outbrain ratings at the bottom of postings have started linking to inappropriate articles on other websites. I have contacted Outbrain in an effort to resolve this, otherwise I will have to remove the ratings facility.

    If anyone can suggest a method rating postings which is restricted to adult material, please contact me at wardcoleman@gmail.com.

    Jockspank is an adult blog for the enjoyment of adult material for adults featuring males of 18 years or over, and which uses “Restricted to Adults” filtering technology. It is not our intention to link to material featuring under age children of the discussion of child rearing no matter how innocuous this material may be.