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  • JockSpank Problems

    As regular visitors will be aware we have been experiencing ongoing problems with JockSpank for the last few weeks, ever since the site was offline for almost a week. We put a solution in place which we hoped would resolve the issues. However, the site is still experiencing some hiccoughs and occasionally goes offline.

    We are trying to establish the cause of the problem, which I suspect may be down to the size of the archive. If so, we need to find a solution which is not massively expensive. We do don’t make any money from JockSpank, which is not an affiliate site. Also I don’t think one can set up a Go Fund appeal for an adult blog!!

    Therefore, I hope you will understand a bear with us while we resolve the matter.

    If you find the site is not available at any time, please check back again later. I have set up a system to alert me when the site is down, so I can reboot the server. However, there could be a delay if I am out or asleep when it happens

    One other matter, any visitors who had previously registered for notifications when there are new postings, may need to resubscribe using the “Subscribe to Blog by e-mail” widget in the left hand side of the Homepage.

    Thank you for your understanding

  • Viewing images

    A number of users have complained that some of the images on this site open as Web files rather than as jpegs. I have been advised that this phenomenon can occur due to a feature of the Firefox browser. If you are a Firefox user, and are experiencing this issue, I suggest you try viewing the site with a different browser to see if that resolves the problem.

  • Comments Now Working!!

    A new Comment facility has been installed and this appears to have finally resolved the problems we were having!! It looks slightly different , but is really just a slightly improved version of the old one. Please let me know if you experience any difficulty.

    Thank you for your patience

  • Site Issues and Comments

    Site Issues and Comments

    Most of the problems we have been experiencing with the site appear to have been resolved, including the speed issues. I hope visitors are having a better user experience than was the case previously.

    Unfortunately we are still experiencing difficulty with visitor comments, which are sadly not all visible after approval. We are working to resolve this problem too, and I will keep you updated with developments

  • Site Problems

    I am afraid we are experiencing a number of problems with the site at the moment, I am aware that the navigation can be very slow and that pictures are very slow in downloading. We are also having problems with comments, which are appearing as “Pingback”. These issues seem to have followed a recent WordPress update.

    We are working to resolve the problems and apologise for if these matters are affecting your enjoyment of JockSpank.

  • UK Age Verification Requirements

    The age verification provisions of the UK Digital Economy Act 2017 come into effect in April of this year, and will have significant ramifications on adult internet usage for UK citizens.

    As from April, UK users will be required to provide proof of age before they are able to access adult web sites. How they will go about this has not yet been fully confirmed, but as we understand it UK users should be able to obtain an age verification certificate (or similar) from a government approved source. However, the details of this are not yet very clear, and we will provide more information regarding how verification can be obtained in due course.

    Adult websites will be required to set up a verification process so that only those UK users who have verified their ages can access their content.

    After initially indicating that blogs and free sites like JockSpank and Feel the Sting would be exempt, it now appears that we will be impacted after all.

    We are looking at various age verification options, but at present everything seems to be quite expensive, which is a problem, as JockSpank and Feel the Sting do not generate income. However, I am confident we will find a solution.

    This legislation will not effect, users outside the UK. However, as it will effect UK users visiting all international adult sites, UK users may wish to explore the possibility of obtaining a VPN.

    As stated, the final details are not yet clear, and we will provide further information in due course.

  • Leaving comments on postings

    The facility to leave comments is now working. Although we have tried to enable Anonymous comments, unlike Blogger, the option of commenting Anonymously is no longer available with this system and you will have to quote a name and e-mail address. However, you can use any name, and the e-mail address will not be published, so your privacy will be maintained.

    For the time being those who wish to continue commenting Anonymously can, of course, use the link posts at the old JockSpank, however, those may eventually stop.


  • Post Ratings

    I apologise for the fact that, in some instances the Outbrain ratings at the bottom of postings have started linking to inappropriate articles on other websites. I have contacted Outbrain in an effort to resolve this, otherwise I will have to remove the ratings facility.

    If anyone can suggest a method rating postings which is restricted to adult material, please contact me at wardcoleman@gmail.com.

    Jockspank is an adult blog for the enjoyment of adult material for adults featuring males of 18 years or over, and which uses “Restricted to Adults” filtering technology. It is not our intention to link to material featuring under age children of the discussion of child rearing no matter how innocuous this material may be.