Straight Lads Spanked: Jay and Scott, Failed Substance Test

At Straight Lads Spanked:  Jay has taken up martial arts and is really good at it. In fact, he has been selected by the coach to enter a competition with his mate Scott.  Training has been going well. In fact, a little too well! The coach is suspicious about the lads sudden improved performance.

He orders a private substance testing kit and is dismayed when both lads prove positive for banned enhancement substances. If the lads were to get caught with this during the competition it would have serious repercussions.
The coach decides the lads need to learn a serious lesson and he sends them off to visit the local spanker, Mr X! Scott has never been before and is in for a shock when he finds out that a spanking is going to be dished out.

For two straight friends getting spanked in front of each other is just embarrassing! Especially as they are forced to strip off naked in front of each other!

Jay and Scott are spanked hard, bare bottom over the knee!

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