Straight Brothers – Spanked By Dad – Andy & Patrick

New from Straight Lads Spanked: Andy and  Patrick are two brothers that have been working late on a rather nasty plumbing job.  Both in their 20’s these lads are still living at home with Mum and Dad. 

There is never enough hot water so it is always a race to see who gets in the shower first. Patrick manages to strip of first and dive in, getting the hot water with big brother Andy having his turn later.

With the parents still not home, these cheeky lads decide to steal some of Dad’s vodka and settle down for the night in their shared double bed with a pile of dirty magazines doing what red blooded males do! 

Dad comes home furious to find his vodka missing! He also finds the aftermath of what the two mucky lads have been doing with the magazines!

Both boys end up getting their bare bottoms spanked by an angry Dad in front of each other! 

Very Embarrassing!

Real life brothers Andy and Patrick ‘end up’ with two very red bottoms
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Spanking video preview

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