Sting – Travis 1900


Fresh from the Police court is young tearaway Joseph Carter (Travis McKinnon) He had committed a number of felonies and now found himself sentenced to time served in the House Of Correction. Not a good move as this boy has an attitude that’s not going to go down well with the no nonsense Governor there.


It was only a matter of time before his insolent behaviour earned him a trip to the punishment room. There to his surprise he is ordered to strip of his beeches and go over the knee of the Governor.


This was all too reminiscent of his younger days when his father would do the same but now much older it seemed more painful and frankly quite embarrassing. As the slaps rained down on his raised and rounded muscular bare bottom he was already thinking perhaps in future he’d better start to behave!


However this was just the start, a few days later he was summoned again to the punishment room where the sentence, as laid down by the judge in the police court, was read out. Young Carter was to receive both the leather strap and willow switch one after the other. The judge had not been at all impressed by his attitude during his appearance at the court.


The wicked strap cracks across the young offender’s bare bottom making him wince and yelp but it was the follow up with the willow switch that really had him howling.


The well raised and perfectly shaped bare buttocks were receiving a punishment at last that they really deserved. Carters burning and scorched bottom would now for some time act as a constant reminder should he think of transgressing again!

The Preview Trailer for Travis 1900 will be posted later today

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