Sting: Sting Raw: Rudi 1900


A peek inside the austere House Of Correction at the turn of the century and we find Arthur Falconer (Rudi Vallance) is in trouble with the Governor, Col Lee, for absconding. When the junior inmates do this and get brought back by the local militia they know they are in for a sore backside. To maintain discipline in those days flogging with the birch, tawse and switch were still very much in use!

Falconer is already waiting in handcuffs when the Colonel enters the punishment room, once the old kitchen in E Wing. Inevitably this junior inmate will now go over the knee, spanking always being the warm up for younger lads leading to something more memorable.

With his bare bottom now red and burning the lad is ordered to lie over the box. A suitable freshly soaked birch is selected and a whipping is laid on. Half way through a heavily impregnated sponge of salt water, brine, is dabbed on the raw and exposed rounded bare cheeks. This has the effect of keeping things sterile but certainly adds cruelly to the scorching sensation already applied earlier.

Next a natural wood switch is brought in to action. This traditional whippy instrument cut earlier by the Chief Warder thwips down on the boys now burning bare backside, biting hard and stinging like a wasp! More salt is added and all the young inmate can do now is yelp! Absconding certainly has its bottom price to pay.

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