Snowwhite Returns to the Magic Spanking Factory

Brand New!:  One of the Magic Factory’s most popular spankees is back. After spending two and half years more than 500 kilometers away he has finally come to his senses and moved nearer to home where he can once again enjoy the comfort of strict discipline.


Snowhite’s English is very limited so there is not much time wasted before he gets the punishment he so sorely (sorry about that) needs. Standing bent over with his hands on a wooden stool JustMagic belts him on his shorts. Realising quite quickly that he has not lost his taking abilty whatsoever, JustMagic removes the shorts and continue with the belting on his skimpy white underpants.
Snowhite, being Snowhite shows no reaction at all but JustMagic have a cure for that. Grabbing a thin and very whishy cane he gets the first five strokes on his whities. When I pull them down too the fiery red welts can already be seen. This lad is known as Snowhite because of his almost perfect alabaster white skin. Well his skin did not stay white for long. The last six he gets on his naked unprotected bottom and and they really are stingers! His reaction when he sits down afterwards shows exactly how much he felt the cruel cane

WARNING: As the marking on Snowhite’s bottom is rather more severe than we would usually show on JockSpank, the remaining pictures and preview trailer can be viewed on JockSpank 2 by CLICKING HERE


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