RYM – Blake (Parts 1 and 2)

In the latest release by Reluctant Young Men we find Blake tied up and being worked over by Scott

Part One: Blake is 22 years old, compact, muscular and sexy, but very nervous and scared.  Scott towers above the frightened young man, intimidating and menacing as he begins to beat Blake with leather and metal paddles.  Poor young Blake is soon crying out and whimpering in pain, twisting and writhing in his bonds as Scott lays it on very heavy.

Part One Video trailer
Part Two: In Part 2 Scott has Blake tied to the spanking bench for a long hard  session with the cane and switch.  Poor Blake whimpers, whines and screams, he writhes and twists in agony, his muscular body tenses and trembles with every blow until Scott’s relentless beating breaks him.

Part Two Video Trailer
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