Reluctant Young Men – Hunk Gets a Beating

RYM:  Mike is a sexy, 24 year old, straight hunk who has never been spanked before.  Rich takes him OTK and starts spanking by hand, over his jeans and boxers.  Mike tries to hold on at first, but Rich’s relentless pounding has him grunting and gasping while Rich picks up the pace.  By the time Rich lowers his shorts his muscular, bubble butt has gone from bright pink to beat red and bruised, and his breathing is loud and labored.  Then comes the bath brush.  Rich holds him by the ear while making him strip, then takes him back OTK and uses the brush to break the strapping young man, making him kick and dance on his knee while he gasps, groans and hollers, struggling to deal with the pain without acting like a total bitch.  But Rich made sure he didn’t succeed.

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