MancSpank’s new release – The Scally Thief

Released today, The Scally Thief by MancSpank

19 yr old scally scrounger Tom was looking for a house to break into to steal some cash. He came upon one whose owner had left the back door open. While searching the house he stumbled upon a playroom with lots of whips and chains and adult toys, Then the enraged owner came home and found him, about to ring the police the scally pleaded with him not too as he is on probation leaving him putty in the owners hand !

This then ended up with the scally getting a dam good bare arse hiding over the owners knee, then is told too strip completely and put over the horse and is beaten with the riding crop, the pleading crying lad at the end is then thrown out of the house completly naked to add to his humiliation so everyone can see his bright red backside

For non Mancunians click here for the Wikipedia definition of Scally
There is link to the Mancspank 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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