Man Up – Spanking Videos

Man Up videos by Lance Hart mostly focus of ball busting and genital punishment, featuring young guys kicking and punching each other in the groin. However from time to time they turn the hunky guys over and spank their butts instead.  Here we see regular actors Cameron and Jake In Frat Guys Spanking. 
 Cameron has just spent the night out drilling his girlfriend and he’s returned to the frathouse late.  This is the second time he’s broken curfew, and it’s up to his elder frat bro, Jake, to set him straight.

In Soccer Penalty Spanking its Jake’s turn to go over Cameron’s knee 

A kick in the crutch: This image from “Training for the Ballbusting Olympics” is an example of Man Up’s usual output (Not for the squeamish!!!)

Warning the following include some F/M action

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