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    “Thou Shalt Not Steal!” is the latest download from MancSpank and, in addition to the usual strict disciplinarian, Stuart, features the legendary Dr. Barton of Sting Pictures fame.

    Dr. Barton, in the role of the Right Reverend Richard Barton, gives the chillingly authoritarian performance we have come to expect from him. His lines delivered with in a combination of cut glass queen’s English and inquisition style threat, are enough to send a shiver down the spine of any misbehaving lad, in this case the light fingered Gavin.

    Not to be out done, Stuart is, if anything, even more menacing than usual in his role of Gavin’s stepfather, and his rapid fire spanking arm significantly more deadly.

    Caught stealing from the Church, Gavin first denies his guilt and then speaks insultingly of the staff member who witnessed the crime, before finally admitting his guilt. Reverend Barton phones Gavin’s stepfather to report what has happened and then informs the unlucky Gavin that his stepfather had given him (Rev. Barton) permission to spank him.

    Gavin is soon over the devout Reverend’s knee, for a sound spanking, only to receive a second  spanking, this time on the bare, when stepfather Stuart, and his ballistic spanking arm, arrive.  Rev. Barton sits back contentedly to watch the action.

    In the second scene, a week later, Gavin has been up to his old tricks and money has again gone missing.  The Vicar threatens to inform Stepfather Stuart but Gavin begs him not to, giving Reverend Barton the opportunity to give the bad lad a good bare bottomed caning.

    Thou Shalt not Steal is a further high quality production by MancSpanks, well acted and professionally filmed with lots of imaginative camera angles. What’s more it offers two particularly menacing and effective disciplinarians, both of whom are becoming icons of the genre, in the one movie.

    The Very Reverend Richard Barton

    Spanked by the Vicar

    Stepfather (Stuart) arrives and takes over

    Reverend Barton observes the action

    Now the cane
    Preview trailer


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