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  • The Results are in!

    Thank you to everyone who took part – an amazing 565 of you!

    The survey has given us some interesting insights into the spanko pysche and a snapshot of our diverse readership

    First up 31% of Jockspank readers are 30 or younger – good to know theres a new generation of spankos out there. Not to be outdone the 16% are over60 .

    Unsurprisingly the majority of our readers identify themselves as Gay or Bi but surprisingly 9% are straight men.

    A large number of our readers enjoy looking at Twinks (37%) , followed by Athletes (32%) , so heres a photo of an athletic looking twink for you guys (10% of you prefer 50+ Daddy types, possibily to spank the pert bottoms of naughty jocks)

    Kinda guessed it already but photos and video clips are your favourite conten on the blog – but Art and the Spankables posts are proving popular too – seems a little imaginations

    goes a long way!

    Voted best spanking studio by far was Sting Pictures with almost 40% of the vote. It’s not hard to see we, in my opinion they have the best looking guys, the best CP givers… the listen to their fans and the quality shows. But well done to newcomers Mancspank who managed to get 5% of the vote – also a personal thank you for me you clips featuring guys in football kit getting it , a big turn on for yours truly!

    Delivering a humiliating bare arsed spanking to rival Matt Mills firm buns was Brett Stevens as he was was crowned Favourite Sting Lad by Sting Fans , its not hard to see why look to your left to she a cocky lad teasing us – I believe a well deserved bottom spanking was a

    given to Brett shortly after this photo was taken 🙂

    In first place for favourite blog (Other than Jockspank of course) was MrGaySpank

    , with Sore Bottomed Guys a close 2nd – Well done!

    The response to the question ‘Would you ever comment on a Jockspank post’ was interesting – 5% would NEVER consider commenting on a post , and 25% have never really thought about doing so. Comments are the lifeblood of blogs like this, they keep us bloggers posting – I urge you if you don’t already comment – do so , we really appreciate it!

    Back to the fun stuff , Zac Efron wins the prize for the most

    Spankable Star , you would like to see him spanked more than the Jonas Brothers combined (now there’s an image!) Thanks to the wonders of photoshop we can see Zac getting a very public


    Favourite spanking artist was of course , the revered and brilliant Jonathan. I love all spanking art, Spryte being a personal favourite.

    Winning the favourite spanking theme by popular demand
    was the good old fashion ‘Dad’/’Son’ spanking. Can’t beat the classics!
    Spanking of

    classics we also asked what you like to see spankee’s buns clad in , Tight Whiteys being the most popular choice its not hard to see why in this case:

    Thanks to all those that took part you can view the full results in detail here