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  • MancSpank – Bullies 1, Review and preview video

    The latest MancSpank productions release is “Bullies 1” pictures from which were published earlier in the week (click here to view them).

    Young Jackson has been fighting, and he is called to the headmaster’s office to account for himself. The headmaster, played by the indomitable Stuart, knows just how to deal with young rascals like Jackson.  “I’m sorry Sir!” whines the unlucky lad “You will be sorry” thunders the headmaster “And you will also have a very sore bottom!!

    Within moments Jackson is across the headmaster’s knee and tasting the first “whacks” of Stuart’s trademark spanking technique.  And what a technique it is.

    I struggle for words to describe the ferocious Stuart in full spanking action, mode expressions such as “fierce”, “rapid fire” and “intense” spring to mind, but one has to witness the actual scene to appreciate the  piston-like rapidity with which that firm hand makes forceful contact with its vulnerable target.  The thin cotton of Jackson’s sports shorts are no protection against such a lambasting, and within moments the boy cries out in pain.

    “That fucking hurts” he protests, only to discover, too late, that his bad language has earned him additional discomfort and humiliation.  Ordered to take down his pants, he is soon back across Stuart’s knee as the headmaster’s firm hand leaving its imprint on his tender bare bottom.

    A firm spanking really shows up on a fair skinned lad like Jacson and his bare bottom is soon glowing bright red, lovingly displayed in close up by James’s increasingly professional and confident camera work.

    As usual with MancSpank’s videos the camera explores the unlucky Jackson from various vantage points before focusing on his pain etched face, allowing the viewer to enjoy his well earned discomfort

    Finally Jackson’s spanking is over, but his punishment is not.  Ordered back to the gym where, in the headmaster’s words “When the other boys see that bright red bottom, there won’t be much fighting in future”, he is told to return later for the second part of his punishment … “a good caning!”

    Jackson is not only unlucky, he’s also dumb enough to arrive back ten minutes late, earning himself an even more severe punishment from the irate headmaster. Soon the cane is leaving its angry imprint across the unhappy lad’s bare behind.  

    “How many more?” wails Jackson “Be quite!” snaps the Headmaster.

    His question left unanswered, the strokes continue and poor Jackson has no idea how many more are to come.

    Finally it is over and Jackson returns to his dormitory to caress his burning backside and sob into his pillow.

    This is another satisfying tale from an increasingly talented studio.

    Preview video below:


  • Movie Review of Caught Smoking

    The latest MancSpank Production “Caught Smoking”, stars Craig, a very handsome and extremely spankable young Manchester lad, who learns the painful way that smoking is not only anti-social and bad for your health, but it can also result in a very red and well spanked bottom.

    The opening scene finds naughty young Craig slipping into the bathroom for a crafty smoke, very much against his father’s house rules. As he sits there enjoying his forbidden cigarette, the audience can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that this bad boy will soon discover the dangers of smoking in a manner which will make any future sitting down a difficult challenge for some days to come.

    Caught by his fanatically anti-smoking father, Craig is dragged by the ear to the lounge where he receives a stern lecture. “They’re not mine!!” wines Craig unconvincingly, before admitting that he stole money from his father’s pocket to buy the offending pack.

    Dad, played by the superbly menacing Stuart, decides that Craig needs a lesson he will not forget in a hurry and first forces the boy to eat a whole cigarette, holding his mouth shut as the poor lad gulps and grimaces trying to chew the bitter fag.

    The cigarette finally swallowed, Craig’s pants are soon round his ankles and he finds himself face down across his Dad’s lap, his bare white bottom, exposed, vulnerable and ready for a good, hard spanking.

    And a good, hard spanking is what he proceeds to get. Stuart has never yet been known to let a boy get off lightly, and this is no exception. Soon that hard firm hand is delivering SMACK after rapid stinging SMACK to the tempting and quickly reddening target, with the intensity of a rapid reloading machine gun mowing down a defeated army.

    The Smacks, whacks and slaps continue as Stuart addresses the seat of the problem with enthusiastic gusto, whilst Craig whimpers and sniffles across his lap.

    Mug shots

    As with most new MancSpank productions, the camera first focuses lovingly on poor Craig’s bare and rapidly toasting bottom and then lingers in close up on his handsome face, so that we can enjoy his increasing discomfort, reflected vividly in his expressions, as Stuart’s relentless hand continues its assault on another part of his anatomy.

    Unable to bear the searing pain in his burning rump, Craig starts to kick out with his legs, and desperately tries to cover his bottom with his hand, but to no avail, Dad is stronger than him, and Craig’s hand is soon grabbed and held against his back leaving his bottom still exposed, vulnerable and very, very sore.

    A sore bottom about to get sorer

    Finally the spanking ends, and Craig is ordered to stand in the corner with his hands on his head, and his bare red bottom on show, while dad goes to collect the cane which he will use to administer the final leg of Craig’s marathon punishment

    Again, as the contrite and miserable Craig bends over the chair back, the camera switches gleefully between his stinging backside and pain crumpled face as Dad lays on a series of searing stripes across the bad boy’s blushing pink and and suitably spanked cheeks.

    I suspect someone will not want to sit down any time soon 🙂

    One thing is for certain, in future Craig will not need to read the warning on the packet to understand the dangers of smoking!!

    Caught Smoking provides all the usual authentic domestic atmosphere and hard handed discipline we have come to expect from MancSpank, and has the bonus of a particularly attractive young actor on the receiving end a firm and obviously painful bare bottomed spanking. (#!#)

  • Movie Review – “A Bad School Report” by MancSpank Productions

    Posted on by Ward
    This is the first of what we plan to be an occasional series of reviews of new spanking videos, or spanking studios.

    Our first review is of “A Bad School Report” by MancSpank Productions.

    MancSpank is a very interesting new studio, with a lot of promise for the future. Their movies are well produced, realistically set and acted and filmed surprisingly professionally for such a new studio. I particularly like the manner in which scenes are shot from different and imaginative angles, so that the viewer achieves a satisfactory view of the whole scene. Sometimes the camera man will chose a vantage point which gives the audience the feeling that they are present as a secret witness to the action, I find this adds to the pleasure of the experience.

    Another nice touch is the occasional overhead shot, looking down on the subject, an angle which is difficult to achieve, but immensely erotic in a spanking movie.

    I am so pleased that a number of studios are following Sting’s lead and becoming adventurous with their camera, as this leads to a much more exciting experience for the viewer, than is achieved by setting the camera down and shooting a scene from one or two static angles, as would often occur in the past.

    With the settings, atmosphere and unmistakable Mancunian accents, MancSpank is quintessentially English, so comparisons with Sting Pictures are obvious (and there is no higher praise than that!) however, MancSpank offers us more domestic settings than is usually the case with Sting, and with the inclusion of computers and contemporary setting, the feeling is significantly more modern day than is evoked by Sting’s delightfully retro, period fantasies.

    Zac Shows his feelings in “6th Form Bully Expelled”

    Starting from a high standard, each one of MancSpank’s productions are better than the last, and I am sure many were as impressed as I was with the manner in which the unlucky rugby player Zac Price received a well deserved, and obviously very painful, spanking for bullying in their last offering “Sixth Form Bully expelled”. A nice touch in that movie, were the head shots where, as shown above, the camera focused intimately on Zac’s handsome face, whilst his father’s hand, and later his stinging, rubber soled, slipper focused on the bad boy’s other end, letting us enjoy the discomfort and humiliation expressed on Zac’s handsome features.
    A Bad School Report

    Nathan and his Dad

    In their latest offering “Bad School report”, we meet a big scruffy lad by the name of Nathan Smith, who prefers playing computer games and going out with his mates to doing his school work. Questioned about his school report by his father, Nathan first denies that any such report exists, but, when pressed finally, and reluctantly hands it over.

    Once Nathan’s father sees the report, the reason for the young man’s reluctance becomes clear, as the grades are a mixture of “D’s” and “F’s” showing how little study has been put in. Nathan’s attempts to excuse the grades, by explaining that school is “boring” and that he “wants to go out with his friends”, understandably add to his father’s anger and the young man soon finds himself across Daddy’s knee receiving a long, hard spanking, delivered to the seat of his pants.
    After Nathan’s father finally finishes spanking his lazy son he phone’s the school only to be told that, contrary to what Nathan had told him, Nathan has been given homework, which he should be doing rather than playing computer games.

    Now Dad decides that Nathan needs a proper spanking and, within moments, the young man’s pants and underpants are pulled down to reveal a big, meaty, bare bottom, which is soon the target of an even longer and harder, rapid fire, hand spanking, delivered by a man possessed of a very firm and hard hand.

    Again, as with Zac in the last movie, the audience gets a good look at Nathan’s facial expressions, as well as viewing his sore red bottom from various angles.

    Stuart, the resident spanker in MancSpanc productions is a man with an air of authority, and one who clearly knows how to spank. Any boy who has received a spanking from Stuart will not forget the experience in a hurry. When Stuart growls “You will not be able to sit down for a week!” you know he means it and that its an outcome her knows just how to deliver.

    If Nathan thinks his ordeal is over when he is finally allowed up, he is very much mistaken. As a final humiliating punishment awaits, Nathan is ordered to put on his pyjamas and get his Dad’s slipper, which is then used with great effect on his already very well spanked behind.

    At last Dad is finished with him, and Nathan slinks off to his bedroom to sulk, snivel and rub his exceptionally well punished bottom. You can be sure he will work a lot harder in future.

    Well scripted, with a believable storyline, nicely acted and professionally filmed and produced, given obvious budgetary constraints, “Bad School Report” like previous MancSpank productions comes highly recommended by JockSpank.

    I wish MancSpank productions every success, they are offering a quality product, and showing great potential for the future.


    A Bad school Report can be purchased from Clips4Sale

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