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  • JockSpank – on Target

    Users will note that I have added JockSpank’s Alexa ranking to the right hand column. This shows where we rank across the internet in terms of internet traffic (i.e. individual visitors). It is currently estimated that there are 182 million internet sites, of these JockSpank ranks as number 472,152.
    This score follows the damage done to us when Blogger froze the blog for a month after incorrectly alleging we might be in breach of their terms of use. Before that happened JockSpank averaged 2100 visitors a day, we have lost around 300 of those and now average between 1,800 and 1,900 individual visitors every day (Of which some 1,000 come back every day – and we love you) and the numbers are steadily growing back.

    The month we were in limbo cost us our rankings on various blog listing sites, which caused further damage to our rating, so the fact that we are growing back so quickly is really encouraging.

    Okay, so JockSpank is not in the top 100,000, as a minority interest blog we could hardly hope to be, but we are in the top half of the top one million most visited sites in the world, and that sure ain’t bad for a male spanking blog.

    The Alexa widget is interactive and will change as our ranking rises. Thanks to all of you who came back to us, and keep coming back.