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  • Brothers Spanked

    Andy and Patrick
    Andy & Patrick are mischievous brothers! They recently attended their cousin Bridget’s wedding and these two irish lads caused havoc! They drunk way too much Guinness and things got out of hand. Fights were fought, fire alarms activated and and Hotels evacuated!
    Oh Dear!!!
    Andy’s wife and Patrick’s girlfriend were left embarrassed and humiliated. 
    So the angry spouses got together and decided that their wayward fellas needed to be taught a lesson and booked in a session for the brothers to visit  the local community spanker, Mr X!
    Andy & Patrick turn up feeling rather sorry for themselves and blaming each other for the upset they caused. They know that if they do not through with this punishment that they will be kicked out by their fed-up partners. 
    Mr X is not interested in their excuses and decides that a proper spanking is what is needed!

    Patrick is amused seeing his big brother spanked!

    Now its Andy’s turn to laugh at his little brother

    The brothers don’t seem to be laughing so much any more!! ..

    Andy and Patrick were spanked when younger but never in front of each other as grown men! Mr X dishes out a hard spanking, stripping each lad of his jeans and underwear until they are full exposed in front of each other. Humiliating! 
    The two brothers not only receive a hard hand spanking as Mr X also introduces the slipper. The lads soon start yelping and squirming as the rubber soled slipper makes it’s impact on their beefy bottoms!

     Video trailer

    Brothers Spanked can be obtained from Straight Lads Spanked, Click here to find out more

  • New From Sting – College Crimes (Part 2)

    The final post for Sting Sunday is the second set of pictures from Sting’s latest Download
    College Crimes 

    Nichols (Marco) and Rutherford (Leonardo King) have been caught fighting, and are sent to the headmaster where they are both given a hard spanking followed by a stiff caning.

    Bucking and yelling as the stripes are laid on they both lads decide it’s perhaps better to just talk it out in future! 

    Back in the park Collins and Grafton are suddenly disturbed by a barked out statement behind them. ‘What are you doing here?’ Truanting and smoking means they are in real trouble. The Head, too busy himself to deal with this infringement, so Mr Brookes is left to deal with the two lads………… 

    This he does with relish especially having been dealt with himself only the day before. A good sound bare bottom spanking is follow by a stinging hiding with the slipper. It’s been a week of whacking’s and quite a few of the students, now dealt with, are certainly in future going to avoid getting involved in College Crimes

    At 40 mins long and staring a host of both new and well known Sting lads, plus a handsome new top, who also gets his own bottom tanned, this is another delightful college life romp from the masters of their art.  Classic Sting at its best!

    College Crimes
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  • New From Sting – College Crimes (Part 1)

    The latest download from Sting College Crimes is 40 minutes long and features a host of new and established sting actors

    Due to its length and the number of scenes, I will post this set of preview pictures in two halves


     It is morning and across town young guys are heading for college. In one part of the city Johnny Casper (Damien Drake) is catching his bus as usual …

     This time however he decides to re decorate the upper deck with his marker pen……

     …. this is much to the annoyance of the conductor (Dexter) who decides more than a little discipline is needed and puts young Casper over his knee (This appearance by Damien Drake was his first ever role in a Sting film)

     Meanwhile, two college lads Collins (Luke Desmond) and Grafton (Milo Taylor) deciding it’s just too hot a day for studying so they bunk off lessons. Whilst sitting in the park they begin to remember some of the incidents of the past week…..

    .. remembering one recent event that involving a college boarder, Nick Slater who had decided to execute a daring night right on the tuck shop store cupboard. The unlucky lad had been caught by Mr Brookes, the new young teacher who had recently joined the college (Mike Cross). The next day Slater is dealt with by Mr Brookes who administers a bare bottom spanking …

    … followed by a stinging session with the gym slipper. 
    The next event concerns young Mr Brookes himself who is caught out selling grass to his sixth formers….
    Feeling unduly generous the Headmaster allows him the choice of being disciplined like a sixth former. He agrees and a good bare bottom spanking  …..

     …and belting follow suit. 

    Leaving the handsome young school master in some difficulty when he next tries to sit down!! 

    Another disciplinary event involving both Nichols (Marco) and Rutherford (Leonardo King) is then remembered …..

    They had been fighting after a disagreement about a football match and soon discover that one result of fighting is a very sore bottom ……

    More of their ordeal in part 2, which will be posted this evening…..
    TO BE CONTINUED …………………………………….!

    College Crimes
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  • Bailey Bullies Apprentice – Part 2

    Posted on by Ward
    The latest installment from Straight Lads Spanked finds unlucky Bailey in even more trouble.   There is no real need for a long description here… Following on from Bailey bullying poor Billy he is sent to see Mr X! If you enjoy seeing a straight, muscular guy get a relentless over the knee hand spanking and slippering then you will love this clip! Mr X is angry! The only time he is not spanking Bailey’s bottom is when he is verbally tearing into him. Bailey can hardly stand when Mr X is finished with him! For the viewer – 14 mins of sheer pleasure. For Bailey, 14 mins of hell! Enjoy!

    “I’ll wipe that smile off your face”

    Video trailer


  • Sting – The Locker Room

    The latest boy bottom spanking sensation by Sting is The Locker Room staring Dexter, Rowan Hunter, Christian Corvin and new Sting lad Simon Clay.

    There’s larceny in the locker room and something’s got to be done about it.!
    It all started with the attempted theft of the Head Boy’s (Simon Clay) mobile phone by a light fingered younger student, Paul Williams (Christian Corvin). Caught in the act, the Head Boy decided to exact his own revenge and give him a damn good spanking there and then. Paul yells out as the Head Boy slaps his up turned bottom hard then whips down his underpants and continues relentlessly on the lad’s fast reddening bare backside…….

    All this yelling and commotion doesn’t go unnoticed and soon the Deputy Head arrives to investigate this vocal mayhem! Seeing that the Head Boy has taken this unauthorized action he intercedes and regains control of the situation. Now Paul is over the Deputy Heads knee for daring to pilfer the Head Boy’s phone….. 

     This is quickly followed up with a good strapping the make sure the lad understands that stealing will not be tolerated. Paul bucks and yelps loudly as the strap sharply licks his already sore and burning bare cheeks! ….

    However, now none too pleased with the Head Boy’s initial reaction he too finds himself spread across the Masters knee for a sound spanking. There’s only room for one disciplinarian in the place and it’s not going to be the Head Boy!…..

    Later that day in the locker room another student (Rowan Hunter) also tries a bit of skulduggery and this time makes off with the PT masters phone. However, the PT head (Dexter) is hot on his heels and drags him back to his office. Soon the lad is tasting the same medicine ……

    a good hard spanking on the bare bottom this time followed by his trusty gym slipper. The lad’s bare bottom is soon glowing red and sore but that’s not the end of it…..

     Out comes the PT master’s short but whippy cane to finish the job. Each cut is like the sting of a wasp and it’ll be sometime before this young student decides to get light fingered again! 

    Exhausted from his disciplinary duties the PT Master is asleep when the Headmaster strides in. He needs to ask some searching question about a few glaring irregularities in the department’s accounts. It’s certainly not looking good for the young PT Master. If he doesn’t want to lose his job there’s always another way to sort it, similar but certainly harder for him than the boys who stole from The Locker Room!…….
    Dexter’s magnificent round, firm, jock-strap framed bottom is then soundly slippered and caned while filmed from every angle …. and in glorious close up!



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  • Sting – Discipline Downunder – Ahorangi College!

    Discipline Down Under – Ahorangi College! is a new mid length Sting download, set in 1950’s Australia and staring Damien Drake, Carlos Fernandez, Tom Nuttall and new Sting actor Kyle Wilkinson.
    The day to day running of a busy college means that discipline amongst the students is important to maintain. They in turn have their arguments and disagreements. None more so than Cougan (Damien Drake) He has been fighting with McKenzie (Carlos Fernandez) again and will have to answer to his housemaster. Not really in the mood to tolerate Cougan’s antics the incident is swiftly dealt with by using his pliable white gym shoe. This is followed by a stinging bare bottom spanking just too nicely round off the fiery effect of the gym shoe………….

    Knocking on the door of the Heads study is Donovan (Tom Nuttall) his constant interruptions during morning assembly has now brought him before the boss! The luckless student is soon grabbing his ankles to feel the burning sting of the rattan cane on his tight grey shorts. It’s not long before he’s also feels its burning stripes on his crisp white briefs and finally very sore bare bottom!

    (The cane marks on his bottom will be brought alive again a short time later when, after an incident during the cross country run, Donovan finds the pounding flat of the Heads palm cracking on to his still very sore bare bottom.)

    Now it’s McKenzie’s turn to report to the deputy Head and receive punishment for fighting. Starting with a good spanking this is followed up with a red hot bare bottom slippering to imprint the message home & Behave!

    Upstairs in the staff room the deputy head awaits the arrival of Morgan (Kyle Wilkinson) He has seen fit to bunk of college and go swimming in the local river. It may be hot but now it’s going to get much hotter for Morgan. Out comes the brown leather belt and over the desk goes Morgan, his bare bottom getting redder by the stroke. After this he knows it’ll be a spanking, raw backside or not the rules must be obeyed when you are a student at Ahorangi College


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  • Sting: The Runner – staring Damien Drake

    Another new download from Sting, this time “The Runner” staring Damien Drake 

    Student Simon Peterson (Damien Drake) makes a huge mistake when he steals a mobile phone from the counter of a local shop. The bad news is the deputy head happens to be passing at the time. Caught red handed and hauled back in to school he’s now really in deep trouble.

      The Deputy Head is furious that Simon had dared to conduct this act of villainy dressed in his school uniform. Luckily for him the threat of being expelled is turned in to a session of harsh discipline.
     The master orders Simon to strip off his trousers and underwear to receive an over the knee spanking.

    This humiliating act for a senior boy is swiftly followed by strokes of the swishy rattan cane all laid on for good measure to the naughty young villain’s bare bottom. 

    It’s only the first stage of Simon’s learning curve, behave or face the consequences! On this note the Deputy Head issues him with a letter that must be delivered to his father.

    Realising he must make sure this never happens again Simon’s father decides to administer a punishment that he perhaps should have done long ago! Simon is sent to shower then to report back to his room for a further & Dad’s spanking

    The slaps come down hard and Simon is soon feeling his father’s hand reddening his youthful bare backside.
    However for Mr Peterson it’s not quite enough and very soon the lads own carpet slipper is being brought down on an already well spanked bare bottom.

    Simon certainly learns in a painful way that it doesn’t pay to be a Runner!

    The Runner Download
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  • Sting Raw – Curfew

    Sting Raw offers a profile shoot for new model Leonardo King. Here Leo has displeased his Dad by continually breaking a curfew imposed due to his constant bunking of college. Two times too many and now he’s going to get dealt with! After stripping off his tracksuit bottoms, it’s straight over Dads knee for a stinging bare bottom spanking.

    The opening shock of this causes quite a stir with the young miscreant. Now he thinks he used to it but that’s not the end! Ordered over the bed the next dose of discipline comes from a heavy rubber soled carpet slipper, snatched up on impulse for the purpose. It’s cruel hard rubber sole on an already tender bottom certainly now reinforces the fact the when rules are made they must be obeyed… And if you are strictly subject to a curfew then curfew means ‘Curfew!’

    Click here to download Sting Raw – Curfew
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