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  • Sting Plus – Rooftop Rebels

    The latest release from Sting Plus is Rooftop Rebels – staring Sebastian and new Sting actor Tom.  Unlike most Sting videos, the Sting plus series combines spanking with gay sex

    Where only Pigeons dare to tread, two students, Hutchinson (Sebastian) and Monroe (introducing new Sting actor Tom Nuttall)  decide to head to the College attic and get down to some very personal studies. Unfortunately it’s reported to the Head of House that there are strange noises coming from the rooftop. Thinking it’s probably pigeons getting in through the wire he dispatches Mr Konrád the caretaker to investigate.

    Now caught red handed and out of bounds the two lads sit outside their Housemasters study to await sentence. For Hutchinson he’s been there before but for his young companion Monroe this is going to be the first time he has had to face such discipline.

    Their Housemaster is a fairly liberated man of the world and is not annoyed at the attic antics that had taken place. He is more concerned that the two of them should have been in class and had been missed and unaccounted for.

    Determined at least to teach Hutchinson a lesson the boys jackets and trousers are ordered to be taken off. Hutchinson soon finds himself face down across the master’s knee getting his insolent and very rounded bottom soundly spanked.

     Now it’s Monroe’s turn and his friend can only look on as, for the first time, his pants are yanked down and the master’s heavy hand is coming down hard on his fast reddening bare bottom.

    This is not the end; Hutchinson has been warned in the past and now he takes the consequences kneeling in the armchair bare backside raised high as the leather tawse makes its mark. Crack after crack and his bare backside is glowing!

    For Monroe he’s just a little bit luckier, it’s a first time for him and a warning but the sharp sting of the strap is going to be a real wake up call. With tears in his eyes he rises from the armchair his bare buttocks now radiating the hot red glow of the tawse

    The two of them really need to find somewhere to finish what they started. For some reason more now than before! Fired up both on their backsides and in their minds they get dressed. It’ll be sometime before they decide to be Rooftop rebels again!


    Rooftop Rebels Download

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  • “Doctor Doctor!” A new medical themed movie from Sting

    Stings latest release in Doctor Doctor featuring Damien Drake and Sebastian as two sporty young lads who visit the doctor with sporting injuries in the “lumbar” area and get more than they expected. 
    Doctor Rouse runs a clinic. It’s mainly attended by students from the local college who have strained an sustained an injury while engaged on one sporting activity or another.

    The first patient of the week is Carl Jennings (Damien Drake) who has twisted his lower back in rugby training. During the examination Dr Rouse is called away leaving the student to await his return. Looking around the empty surgery Carl’s eyes fall on the Doctors wallet. Temptation taking the better of him he quickly slips a wad of fivers in to his jockstrap.

    Unfortunately luck is not with him and on discovering the theft Dr Rouse provides Carl with some preventative disciplinary treatment. After a good spanking and a couple of Vitamin jabs from a cruel looking hypodermic, it’s out with the wooden medical ferula to finish the job.

    Poor Carl has to take his medicine and suddenly the back pain is gone only to be replaced by a greater burning sensation in his athletic rounded backside!

    The next session in the surgery brings in Rory Parker (Sebastian) who’s suffering from a muscular complaint. After stripping off his clothes the Doctor takes a look at the problem.

    A rectal examination is needed but during this he is again called away. Like Carl, Rory takes the opportunity to see what treasures the clinic holds. This time it’s the pills on the shelf that get raided.

    On his return Dr Rouse is more that displeased with the lads antics. Preventive disciplinary medicine is clearly needed and Rory soon finds himself across the good doctor’s knee, bottom high in the air, being slapped hard and getting redder by the second. Now its face down on the couch for a stinging session with the lads own PT shoe.

    This then is quickly followed by a whippy oriental massage birch laid on for good measure.

    Rory’s butt is raw and burning from this on onslaught of medical justice! Without a doubt Rouse has got the condition licked! With these young miscreants he certainly administers the treatment to initiate an immediate cure! Now they have a real reason to cry Doctor Doctor!

    Doctor Doctor – 25 minute Download
    There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

  • New Sting Raw Download – “Raw Down under” – Part 1

    Set in Australia in the 1950’s the new Sting Raw Download “Raw Down Under” features Sting favorite Sebastian and New Sting actor Andy Black on the receiving end of two very sore bottoms.  
    In his scene Andy Black plays Middleton who reports to the head master to answer for a series of misdemeanors, for which he is punished with a series of implements, first a hard hand spanking, then the leather strap ………..     

    and finally the Headmaster’s prized Japanese Rice Spoon first seen in action in Discipline Down Under III


    Sebastian (Davies) has also been misbehaving and takes his punishment from junior master Rusty, first a stinging hand spanking

    And then the hard shiny surface of a clothes brush is applied to his firm round bare behind

    To be continued ……..
    Raw Down Under” Download
    A link to the Sting USC 18.2257 age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog

  • New From Sting “Let the Cane take the Strain ” #2

    Posted on by Ward
    Here are some more pictures from the the new Sting special length download (47.5 minutes) “Let the cane take the strain – Part 1” which has now been released.

    Storyline: The rattan cane is probably the most famous of all the punishment instruments. In part one of this drama documentary Sting Pictures takes a look back at the early years of its use and follows through to the 50s and 60s.

    The film opens in a 1900 House Of Correction where inmate Johnson (Carlos Fernandez) is summoned to be punished by his Warden. First a good bare bottom spanking followed by a caning face down on the pine scrub top table. He yelps his way through the punishment as different canes are selected. The idea for this sequence is based on an old photo of the period.

    Next Robbie features as Naval Training Ship cadet boy seaman Heath up on a charge and sentenced to receive traditional ‘cuts’ of the cane both in tight white naval ducks and on the bare breech. Stoically, like most young cadets, he takes his punishment well.

    Moving on in time and down under senior student Hargreaves (Dexter) reports to his house master for late night bullying in the dormitory. Dressed in his pyjamas he gets a long hard spanking and is then told to report back the next day in sports kit for the cane. He has been warned many times but perhaps further 24 strokes of this stinging rod with help him to behave.

    Next featuring a 1950s public school environment David McCullock (Matt Mills) reports to his house master for a caning. McCullock’s smooth backside bucks and twists as the biting cane connects with his blemish free bare bottom. After this and to make sure the lad fully understands the master delivers a firm hand spanking!

    Now it’s a visit to a 60s Borstal where inmate 43567 Simmonds (Andreas) is receiving a punishment caning from gross miss behaviour. His house officer (Margusta) makes sure the strokes are carefully and well laid on!

    In a junior soldiers battalion young junior leader (Sebastian) reports to receive punishment from the Physical Training Instructor (Dexter) in typical army style he is commanded by the PTI to strip, mount the horse and receive 24 cuts of the cane. Legs well apart and bend right over this muscular young squaddie will think again before being brought up on a charge! This feature is part one of a series and will be followed by other stories of masters who much prefer to let the cane take the strain!

  • Coming this weekend from Sting – Let the cane take the strain Part 1

    Posted on by Ward
    Coming this weekend from Sting “Let the Cane take the Strain (Part 1)” is an examination of the use of the rattan cane in institutions of reform and education. It stars Matt Mills, Robbie, Sebastian, Andreas, Carlos Fernandez and Dexter, with a appearance by a cane wielding Margusta. More details (and pictures) to follow …..



    Sting Pictures

    Sting 18.U.S.C.2257

  • Sting Raw – the 8th Commandment – High Quality Images

    Earlier in the week I posted some screen grabs from the new Sting Raw release The 8th Commandment, however, here are some high quality images, so you can see the action right up close.



    Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment download

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  • Sting Raw – the 8th Commandment – Pictures

    Here are some pictures from “Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment” to go with the link I posted earlier this week.

    In this latest Sting Raw episode we go back to college. The Headmaster at Howard hall has finally had enough of renegade 6th formers Winslow and Robinson. Never a pair to miss an opportunity they had borrowed the bursars car on finding that he had accidentally left the keys in the ignition. Winslow (Sebastian) and Robinson (Rowan Hunter) had some serious explaining to do especially as they had managed to damage a fender during their unauthorised take and drive jaunt.

    Stealing a car like this is no small matter and the Head means to make an example to the other senior boys at Howard Hall. So without a do for Winslow and Robinson’s to be a good spanking followed by two dozen and one cuts of the rattan punishment cane laid on by the deputy head. Perhaps afterwards sorely reminded by their burning backsides the two lads will become a lot more familiar with The 8th Commandment, Thou shall not steal!



    Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment download

    A link to the Sting USC 18.2257 proof of age / record keeping declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog

  • Coming Soon – Sting Raw 2 “The Eighth Commandment”

    The next Sting Raw production, due for release shortly is “The Eighth Commandment” staring Sebastian and Rowan Hunter who pay the penalty for breaking the commandment “Though Shalt not Steal!”

    A link to the Sting USC 18.2257 proof of age / record keeping declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog