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  • Mans Hand – Santa’s Excellent Adventure

    SANTA’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Starring BILL BURROUGHS, MARC ANTHONY, BILLY BOY, RICKY JOHNSON, CLAY LAWSON, CORY MONROE and BROCK REIGNS Santa is very busy as he appears in four different spanking stories in this video. 
    In “NAUGHTY LITTLE BROTHER” Ricky is taught to believe in Santa, as he gets spanked in his pajamas and then on the bare butt by hand and a hairbrush. 
    “THE COWBOY” features hunky Marc Anthony who gets spanked on his long-johns, before Santa opens the trap door to reveal his big round butt. After a few minutes of intense hand spanking, Marc’s butt starts to match Santa’s red fur suit. 
    Billy is “THE SPOILED BOY,” who is getting spanked by his father, Cory, when Santa shows up to give him a lesson in how to discipline young men. Santa gives Dad a thorough over-the-knee spanking, before thrashing Billy. When Santa leaves, poor Billy finds himself back over his Dad’s knee to finish his lesson. 
    Brock and Clay are ”THE BURGLARS” who make this mistake of breaking into a house where Santa is making a delivery of presents. Both young men get spanked long and hard with the hand and a long bathbrush that leaves their butts burning

  • SantaSpank – by Mountain Man (Part 1)

    Thanks to Helmut for this delightful bit of fun which was was made by San Francisco based studio Mountain Man Films, which is unfortunately no longer in business. Mountain Man closed down for two main reasons, firstly as a small studio it was unable to cope with the administrative requirements imposed on adult movie producers by the US government. Also it seriously damaged by that scourge of small, special interest studios, video piracy.

    Large vanilla studios with huge markets can usually survive a degree of piracy, however, for small, special interest studios, serving smaller markets, such as the spanking community Video theft is a deadly threat.

    Spanking fans have killed a number of studios by video piracy (theft) and we have lost a great deal because of it (imagine if Control T were still in business in this high tech age) and it is something we should all oppose because we are just spoiling the fun for ourselves and everyone else.

    Enough lecturing – enjoy the movie which, Rob Ross, the owner of Mountain Man gave his permission for us to share when he closed down his studio.

    Pre-US 18.2257 material

  • Santa Spanks Skyy

    Santa, played by the incomparable T.J .Woods, spanks Skyy Lee in a scene from Santa Dreamin’… from Spank This! (see Links below)

    Note: I attempted to upload a video trailer but there seems to be a problem with the file I had The free trailer can be viewded at the SpankThis! site by clicking here


    Santa Dreamin’ DVD

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