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  • Sting – Army Cadets 3 – Video trailer


    Here is the trailer for Army Cadets 3 – on a Fizzer – a tale of army life
    Staring Jimmy Evans, Dale Brady, Mike Cross and Rusty


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  • Sting – Army Cadet 3 – On a Fizzer


    The latest download “Army Cadets Part 3 – On a Fizzer” 
    stars Dale Brady, Jimmy Evans, Rusty  and Mike Cross
     It’s back in barracks for Army Cadets part 3. This time Trooper Smith (Jimmy Evans) is in trouble with Staff Sgt Cross (Mike Cross) After a weapons inspection the Sergeant decides Smith is slacking and needs bringing back in to line. No point in charging him besides giving a good spanking to a slovenly trooper is one of his specialities. The staff Sergeants strong arm is swinging with military precision as Trooper smith yelps his way through the first part of his punishment. Smith’s well rounded, firm and raised young buttock are quickly turning red but elsewhere other things are stirring too. 


    Perhaps Smith is discovering something more about being spanked than he had realised. Now grabbing the riding crop, amounst other things, Staff Sargent Cross stands Smith up against the lockers and begins to administer a further whipping to his reddened and protruding bare backside. Thwack after thwack results in a well-disciplined trooper but the final result is more unexpected.


    The second soldier to avoid being put on a charge or ‘fizzer’ as the soldiers call it is Trooper Evans (Dale Brady) He too opts for an off the record punishment and is ordered to report to Staff Sergeant Cooper (Rusty) On arrival a sound spanking is given to the wayward trooper in true military fashion. The sergeant’s brawny right arm and hard pounding hand soon has the lad’s buttocks glowing red. 


    Then it’s out with the box horse and the Sergeant lays on a time honoured company punishment with a well-oiled swishy army rattan cane.

     This he changes half way through and delivers a very hard arse burning thrashing to Trooper Evans bare bottom. Evans howls and growls literally as every cut delivers a band of fire to his burning backside. This is caning army style, hard and painful as any young soldier should expect when breaking the rules. 


  • “Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves) – Video trailer

    Here as promised is the video trailer to accompany the latest Sting Download

      Karl Feels the Sting

    Alternatively a copy of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by clicking here
    NOTE: When downloading from SendSpace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen (see illustration below)
    Click to enlarge



  • Sting: “Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves)

    In the latest download“Les Voleurs de Vin” Sting returns to a theme they featured quite a few years ago. This new Gallic story set in the French countryside during summer follows the fortunes of Francois and his friend Nicholas. François (Damien Drake) has been pilfering from his uncle’s beloved collection of wines. Having obtained the odd bottle he often enjoyed the looted hooch with his friend Nicolas (New Sting model Karl Frazer)
    Having been quickly found out and caught red handed by the river Francois is sent home to wait for his Uncles punishment, while Nicolas is to be dealt with by his own very cross Uncle Pierre (Rusty) Nicolas is marched off in to the forest and is soon over his uncles knee getting a firm spanking.

    Back at his home young François is getting the same from his own Uncle.

    Pierre is a stickler for discipline and after spanking Nicholas decides to lay on a dose of the switch. This freshly cut instrument quickly produces some burning stripes on the lad’s bare bottom with him yelling in sorrow as a result.

    Back with Francois and his uncle the legendary Martinet is now out of the draw and swishing down on naughty François well raised bare backside. The leather thongs cut painfully in to the boy’s bare cheeks as he bucks and twists across the end of the bed.

    In the forest the stern Pierre has prepared the finale to Nicolas punishment. As the freshly cut green stinging nettles brush across his already well whipped bare backside poor Nicholas knows what to come. Thwack after thwack with the fresh bundle of nettles produces a pleading Nicolas who will do all he can in future not to encounter such a punishment again!

    Here then are two country boys who will no longer be known as The Wine Thieves. 


    the ever delightful Damien Drake ..

    … and new boy Karl Frazer, who received a really “stinging” introduction to Sting!

     Stinging nettles!!

  • Coming Soon from Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary

    The next Sting download, Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary, is due to be released this weekend, I will post more pictures when it is released.  This short story, set in a penal institution for wayward young men, is a prelude to Sting’s forthcoming DVD ‘Banged Up Borstal days 2’

    Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary stars Sebastian, Tom Nuttall, Matt Mills and new Sting Star Toby, together with Rusty and Margusta keeping the unruly youths in their place (usually bottom up over someone’s knee!)

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  • Stingstruments – Part 2 – the Birch

     Following on from PartOne covering the cane, Part Two of Stingstruments looks at the Birch.
    Probably as well known as the rattan punishment cane it was also used in schools, Borstals, Prisons, Naval training ships and many judicial institutions across Europe. Firstly in a 1900’s House Of Correction a young strapping tearaway (Rusty) receives a sentence of 24 strokes held securely over the traditional birching pony. As the strokes build the legendary growing sting of the birch takes effect. Soon he is twisting and growling, his bare backside burning red as the biting twigs land very hard!……….


    Next up, wearing his stripped Pyjamas, it’s a good old traditional spanking from Dad none too pleased that the lad has been in trouble. This hard slapping over freshly laid birch strokes brings more hell fire to the lad’s already well-marked bottom! ………

     A further scene features another use of the birch. Rusty now plays a Naval training ship cadet ordered to receive 18 cuts bare breech. Taking down his white duck bell bottoms he positions himself over the gym horse, his well-rounded buttocks now raised high. The CPO takes up the instrument, all too well known in naval circles and lays on the cuts as sentenced. Taking his birching punishment like a man as stoic naval cadets were expected to do requires all the cadet’s resilience. The birch cuts home stroke after stroke again building in intensity till the lads bare backside is enflamed and raw.
    Reporting afterwards to the sick bay for an application of antiseptic was mandatory in days gone by and our cadet too is happy to receive this treatment especially after a dose of this latest Stingstrument: The Birch. 

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  • Just released by Sting – “Bring Back the Birch!”

    The new release by Sting is “Bring Back the Birch”, which is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including established favourites such as Dan, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie and Dexter, together with relative new comers like Jason Kingsley, and Carlos plus some previously unknown Actors including the handsome Leonardo.
    Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty and Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
    Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
    For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

    Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

  • Sting: “A Taste of Leather” – One more look

    A final gallery of high quality images from the recent Sting download “A Taste of Leather” featuring …………
    Richie, getting the tawse and a sound hand spanking

    Marc who gets a ginger feaguing followed by a spanking and a taste of the hunting whip

    James Bruce a spanking followed by the very French martinet

    Rusty also gets the tawse after a hand spanking

    and Kevin, a spanking followed by uncle’s belt!



    A Taste of Leather – Download

    The StingLads Google Group “Fan Club”

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  • A Taste of Leather – Second Gallery of Pictures

    Further images from Stings new download release “A Taste of Leather” featuring five sting lads each punished first by hand and then by leather.

    First Jason Kelly (played by new Sting Lad Kevin) is caught cheating at an exam, and is punished by his uncle’s firm hand and leather belt for doing so.

    Now back in time to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Hawkins (Marc Russell) an inmate of Carnfield Institute the infamous house of correction for unruly young gentlemen is taken to task for insolence and slacking. Col. Templeton Lee decides to crack down and with the help of Warder Mr Squears brings his trusty hunting whip to bare. As mentioned previously, this scene includes figging, where a touch of ginger extract is applied to Hawkins’ nether regions to add an extra “sting” to his punishment.

    Across the channel to la Belle France James Bruce plays a young French army cadet who has to report to the senior officer for being drunk and disorderly. As all the cadets know this sort of discipline is off the record and after a good spanking the fiery tales of the martinet will fly. Grasping the punch bag in the Gym and gasping as each stoke lashes across his saw bare backside; this young soldier will stay sober for some time to come.

    Up to Scotland and up with his kilt as MacMillan (Rusty) a senior academy scholar is in trouble and faces a good licking from Housemaster Mr Carmichael, with three different tawses!

    His punished backside still stinging red, Rusty takes revenge on the person who got him into trouble
    That person is Richie Sachs (from Sixth Formers – the new term) as another kilt wearing Scots lad who is soon on the receiving end first of a hard spanking, followed by a dose of the famous and very painful Lochgelly Tawse, which certainly brings tears to his eyes.


    A Taste of Leather – Download

    The StingLads Google Group “Fan Club”

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  • A Taste of Leather – the figging scene

    If anyone was confused by the little white “stick” pointing at Marc’s bottom in a couple of the pictures from Sting’s “A Taste of Leather” which were posted earlier. I hope this set of pictures will clarify the situation, the implement consisting of soft absorbent wood is dipped into a bottle of “Extract of Ginger” and then applied to a particularly tender part of the victim’s anatomy adding an extra element to his chastisement..

    This practice, known as figging or “feaguing” was apparently invented by the Victorians – very inventive the Victorians!!

    Punishment with an extra “sting” in the tail



    A Taste of Leather – Download

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