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  • Stingstruments – Part 3 – Whips

     With a military setting Part Three of Sting’s “Stingstruments” series features riding whips.
    A supposed legendary instrument of the junior cavalry regiments, the biting sting of the training whip or crop has kept many a young trooper in check. Off the record corporal punishments were not unknown and reporting to the tack room was seen as an alternative to being charged for an offence. 
    Here a young trooper (Marco, in his second Stingstruments ordeal) is sentenced to an over the vaulting horse lashing with the training whip but first a shower in order to report for punishment clean and well turned out. Like a red hot wire the thin end of this formidable instrument makes its mark on the troopers raised and rounded bare bottom. As with the rattan cane, discipline administered by the training whip has a real wasp like sting about it but more so!

    To keep in line with regimental tradition the Sgt Major lays on a further firm bare bottom spanking bringing to life again the now tender stripes of the riding whip. The young trooper’s backside quickly glowing red begins to feel the hard slap of army discipline

    Next up it’s the short standard riding crop with its flexible leather tipped end. Flat out on a bench, bare bottom raised with horse blankets, the young trooper soon feels the burning lash of the riding crop also called a quirt in some quarters. Crack after crack brings tears to his eyes

    The antiseptic cream applied after ‘punishment complete’ is announced will soothe the young squaddie’s well reddened backside. ……. That is till the next time he meets up again with the Riding Whip

    Stoic young Marco
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  • Large and Little – William Higgins

    Big muscular Rudolf Schneider puts poor little Ivan Vladik through a lengthy punishment in a Spanking scene from Czech Guys Next Door, by William Higgins.


    BackStage photos

  • Sting – Army Cadets 2 – Back in the Barracks- Picture set #2

    Sting have kindly sent me another set of  pictures from their new 43.5 minute download Army Cadets 2 – Back in the Barracks.  Please  Click here to see the first set of pictures and to watch the free video trailer.

    For the next six days a full sized copy of the free trailer can be downloaded from here.
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  • New From Sting – Army Cadets 2 – Back in the barracks

    The Latest release from Sting is “Army Cadets 2 – Back in the Barracks” – Directed by Jonathan Fox

    Things are getting slack with A company of the 12th Cadet Field Cavalry Regiment and the Colonel is determined to sharpen things up. There’s nothing like a bit of stern military discipline to liven up the lack-luster attitude of lazy military cadets. After having a word with Captain Harper it’s Colour Sergeant York who takes up the initiative and begins by dealing with Cadet Cooper (Justin Kingsley).

     Using a very traditional method, firstly it’s an OTK spanking followed by one of the regiment’s most popular instruments of persuasion, the riding crop! Pretty quickly this young stallion begins to buck his ideas up!
     The Corporals run the sections and after a poor barrack room inspection Cpl Smith decides he too should follow the example of the Colour Sgt. Cadet Brown (Johnny Stone) and Cadet Hewitson (Lucas Brown) are both in for punishment and they too soon find themselves over the Corporals knee

     With the vaulting horse already on hand from the gym he swiftly follows the spanking with a stiff army style caning. Very soon although not yet NCO’s they both have many red livid and burning stripes of their own! Although the Corporals maintain discipline sometimes they too get idle in their duties.
    Captain Harper has one such Corporal in his sights, Corporal Slater! To wake up his ideas he decides to give Slater (Dexter) a harsh dose of the leather tawse. The heavy stinging leather soon gets the message across and Cpl Slater’s bare backside now glows red in testament to the efficiency of the tawse.
    Annoyed that he has been singled out Slater immediately proceeds to his sections barrack room to induce some discipline in to the two cadets who have caused him so much pain. Cadet Collins (Damien Drake) and Cadet Carter (Rowan Hunter) are now in for some butt reddening over the knee discipline followed a by a leather strapping face down on their bunks, applied with relish by the now not so happy Corporal Slater.

    Things are getting back to normal and all round the barracks the echoing sounds of stiff punishments can be heard! Army cadets 2, are certainly Back In Barracks.

    Video Trailer

    Alternatively, for the next week, a full size version of the free video trailer can be downloaded from here.

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  • Troopers in Trouble – Cropping Brett

    Brett feels the Colonel’s crop in a scene from Troopers in Trouble by Sting

    Troopers in Trouble also stars Darren, Robbie, Rusty and Alistair among others further pictures can be viewed by clicking here and more of Brett here


    Troopers in Trouble Download

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  • Scott’s humiliation – “Spanked by a Twink”

    If you enjoy role reversal with lashings of humiliation, then “Spanked by a Twink”, the recent release by RELUCTANT YOUNG MEN might just be your thing.

    In Part one we meet Twinky CJ and big beefy Scott. Scott has been taking advantage of the young models again and Rich caught him.  Now he’s given the model permission to deliver a humiliating spanking to Scott.  Young C.J. turns out to be a very skilled spanker, especially when he’s getting revenge and he really gives it to poor Scott, who’s actually twice his size.  He starts out spanking him over his briefs before stripping him and continuing as Scott is made to stand submissively before him.  Scott really starts to cry out in pain when C.J. spanks him with the wooden frat paddle, his big cock and balls swinging between his legs with every blow.  When C.J. is warmed up he begins taking hard strokes, winding up before each one and making Scott call him sir as he gasps and cries out with every blow.

    In Part 2, Scott is subjected to the humiliation of being taken OTK to continue the spanking from a gay twink half his size.  C.J. is really getting into this now, and his blows with the hairbrush are hard and surprisingly powerful considering his size, landing on Scott’s beefy ass as he cries out in pain and kicks around on the younger guys lap.  The fact that he is being abused by, and unable to defend himself against this slight, young twink makes the spanking all the more humiliating for Scott, who grips his skinny ankle to  help deal with the pain.
    But the worst is saved for last, and in Part 3 Scott gets a vicious whipping with a riding crop.  C.J. really knows  how to handle the crop, bringing it down on Scott’s beefy ass over and over again.  Scott’s body jerks and he cries out in pain with each stinging blow as he stands submissively, at the mercy of this young twink.
    Images from Parts 2 and 3 appear in the storyboard below

    Preview video for “Spanked by a Twink” below
    Reluctant young men clips can also be downloaded from Clips4Sale

    Also Check out their other site Straight Men in Trouble
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  • Troopers in Trouble – Brett gets a slippering

    As any fan of Sting Pictures will know, young Brett (above) must rank among the most spanked bad boys in Britain. So often has Brett been spanked this is the 50th posting at JockSpank to feature Brett and his, usually bare and cherry red, bottom (Click here to view all postings featuring Brett)

    Brett gets his backside warmed twice in Troopers in Trouble a Sting download, set in a British cavalry regiment barracks in the middle of the last century, which was released last November. In the first scene, after he breaks army rules he is ordered to the gym in his pajamas and ordered to drop his pants and bend over the vaulting horse for a firm spanking from the Sergeant.

    The punishment starts as a hand spanking, but when the Sergent’s hand starts to hurt, Brett discovers that his own carpet slippers can be used for more than just keeping his feet warm.

    The Sergeant’s hand is starting to hurt

    But he spots an alternative implement!!

    “Ah! Yes this will do nicely!!”

    It seems the bad boy hasn’t learned his lesson!!

    Brett may have thought he got away with his impudence, but if so, it didn’t do him much good. His escape was short lived as a couple of scenes later he finds himself bending over a saddled gym horse, experiencing the “Sting” of a well applied riding crop.

    Troopers in Trouble also features Darren, Robbie, Rusty (in one of his last bottom roles), Dexter and a number of other sting lads.

    Troopers in Trouble Download

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  • What Shall We Do with the Drunken Soldier?

    The old Sea Shanty asks “What shall we do with the drunken Sailor?”. However, in this instance it is a soldier, played by the ever incorrigible Tigger, who gets drunk and misses parade.

    So, what shall we do with him? Make the young rascal straddle a saddle and take a good thrashing with a riding crop on his bare, tender, young backside, that is what!

    This scene is from “Instruments of Persuasion II” in which Sting examines some of the less common forms of male bottom aimed Corporal Punishment



    Instruments of Persuasion II – DVD

    Instruments of Persuasion II – Download

    Sting at Mans Hand Films – For US Users

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