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  • Name that Butt – The Answers

    Posted on by Ward
    Here are the answers to the “Name that Butt” contest I posted at the Weekend. The Jockspanker who came closest to identifying all twelve of the pert and spankable bottoms, was our own Spankfan (Spyke), who correctly identified ten of the twelve (Or , to be fair, nine, of them, given that one of them was his own butt!!)

    The correct answers were as follows:

    Butt 1: Spencer – Spanking Central

    Butt 2: Dan – Sting

    Butt 3: Daniel Student – William Higgins

    Butt 4: Barry – Sting

    Butt 5: Matt Mills – Sting

    Butt 6: Tommy Anders – Spank This

    Butt 7: David – Sting

    Butt 8: Tigger – Sting

    Butt 9: Spankfan (Spyke) – Represented here by David Beckham

    Butt 10: Chris Todd – Filmco

    Butt 11: Darren – Sting

    Butt 12: Brett – Sting

  • Name that butt!

    Can you put names to each of the 12 hot butts pictured below? They have all been spanked in scenes posted to JockSpank over the last year, and many have appeared here more than once. Most are from Sting but some are not, can you name them? The answers are in the JockSpank archives

    There is no prize, apart from the kudos of proving your expertise as a JockSpanker. If you think you can put a name to the dozen bad boy bottoms below, leave your answer by clicking on the “comments” link at the bottom of this posting.

    Name that Butt No. 1

    Name that Butt No. 2

    Name that Butt No.3

    Name that Butt No. 4

    Name that Butt No. 5

    Name that Butt No. 6

    Name that Butt No. 7

    Name that Butt No. 8

    Name that Butt No. 9

    Name that Butt No. 10

    Name that Butt No. 11

    Name that Butt No. 12