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    With the kind permission of Sting Pictures Bruce and I have created a new blog entitled Feel the Sting dedicated exclusively to the wonderful work of Sting.  We are currently in the process of copying all the pictures and videos which Sting have kindly contributed over the years over to Feel the Sting. I never realised there was so much, the archive is already huge and we are not even half way.
    When that is completed, we will continue to post new Sting material to JockSpank, so you will still find it all here, but with a copy to Feel the Sting so that there is a single, concentrated Sting resource for all their fans to enjoy. 
    There are already 87 postings there, all including wonderful Sting images, and we will continue to post more there every day until the site is up to date, so, right from the beginning there is plenty there to enjoy.   


    Or on the link below to visit Sting