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  • Sting: Borstal Boys – The Truth Hurts (Part 1) Including Preview Trailer


    Strict discipline is still being enforced regularly at Rainsford Borstal. No matter how stiff the regime though some of the lads still think they can get away with very questionable behavior.


     One such boy trainee is Gibson (Damien Drake)


    Gibson’s recent spate of bad behavior has caught the eye of his senior office (Johan Volny) Not one to be made a fool of he soon has Gibson over his knee whilst sitting on a bunk bed. 


    As his grips hold of the metal bed rails the stinging smacks soon turn young Gibson’s bare backside a burning red.


     Its just the start though as next up will be a dose of the old leather strap, just the thing to turn a wayward like Gibson around.



    Legs apart and bent over a bench his yelps won’t stop the wicked strap cracking down but behaving better in future just might!



    The trading of illicit goods is a regular feature inside any Borstal. The officers have to be on constant alert to stem these illegal activities.

    Determined to get the truth out of one boys, Burgess (Kurt Maddox) the governor decides to spank it out of him. Raised up over the vaulting horse the spanking is hard and relentless.



    Burgess​’s​bare bottom is quickly red raw. However he won’t divulge the name of his supplier!, clearly stronger action is required ……..!!


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  • Sting: Preview Trailer for “Burned by Temptation”

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  • Sting “Burned By Temptation


    Younger brothers tend to look up to their older brothers but sometimes they are not the best role model to follow. They should be of course, but in the case of Paul Martin (Rudi Vallance) and his younger brother Nicholas (Damien Drake) trouble began the day Paul decided to joy ride in his Dads car. He took his younger sibling along for the experience, whereas Nichols should have been safely studying in school.

    The car broke down and had to be quickly abandoned by the hapless pair. As a result, Dad was less than pleased by the antics of his eldest offspring.
    To teach both lads a lesson he decided to punish Paul with his younger brother in attendance.


    First the older boy had to strip, get over his Dads lap and take a good firm stinging spanking like he had used to when younger. ….


    The difference this time is he’s nineteen and will have to suffer the indignity of his younger brother watching it all.


    After the spanking the crack of a burning leather belt echo’s round the room turning Pauls already throbbing and rounded bare bottom red raw….

    All the while in front of an attentive audience.

    Nichols was very amused at seeing is older brother being punished like this at his age, however the smile soon leaves his face when he’s told that his housemaster now knows of his whereabouts and what he was up to instead of being in school.
    Next day it’s time for Nicolas to face the music and his turn to receive a good trousers down spanking followed too by a bare backside scorching with the old school strap…

    Nicholas’s housemaster does not follow present day discipline philosophies and believes getting straight to the bottom of a problem is the best way!

     hard, stinging leather on tender previously spanked skin!


    For both lads it’s time to re think future actions as it looks like you really can get Burned By Temptation

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     Dexter is more often seen doing the spanking, but every now and then, even he needs some bare bottom punishment, this time playing a disgraced Sports Master

    Brad returns to Sting in a new story featuring discipline in 1900

  • Detention (Sting Member Video)

    School Football captain Stephen Calder (Damien Drake) loves playing the beautiful game but like so many fans gets too excited during the game. Twice now he’s lashed out at a rival player and this time has found himself sitting in detention. He’d rather be back out on the field but the only way to do that is to get Mr Collins, his House Master to punish him another way.


    This time he’s lucky or rather unlucky. The only way he getting out of it is with a good spanking and a dose of the empire rubber gym shoe. The red card will have to equal a red backside too. He’s only wearing his PT kit and the spanking quickly tales effect over his tight shorts.

    The shorts of course quickly come down and the hand slaps reign down like tongues of fire turning his muscular bare backside now as red as his shorts. .

    Mr Collins orders young Calder over the desk; he won’t be escaping without feeling the burning sting of his well-used gym slipper

    Crack after crack and Stephens exposed bottom is scolding hot, the sole of the gym shoe burning its way in to the lad’s defenceless bare cheeks.

    Stephen knows his temper may not hold but nevertheless its best perhaps to try to avoid this sort of Detention!

     That most mischievous of Sting Lads – Damien Drake, stars in “Detention”

  • Video Trailer for “Colonial College” by Sting

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  • Sting – Colonial College

    Colonial College is set in the typical environment of a British styled public school, but of course in a far flung corner of the former Empire, Branderburg College follows an age old tradition of disciplined education.
    The Head boy is Giles Brocker (Luke Radley) whose iron grip on the students he represents is starting to wane.


    Brocker finds one lad Johnny Martens (Jimmy Evans) helping himself to some of his cash. Furious with this senior lad Brocker administers a spanking of his own. Martens shapely bare bottom cheeks, glowing red, are now more than familiar with the stinging swipe of the muscular Head boy’s right arm.
    As Brocker pulls down Jimmy Martens pants to expose the lad’s bare bottom, he little knows that his own bare bottom will be in a similaly exposed before he is very much older. 


    In the student’s common room two lads Geddes (Damien Drake) and Ackerman (new Stinglad Justin Conway) are very much engaged in looking at porn magazines. Unfortunately it’s the Heads rounds and they are caught red-handed. Sent to Mr Van Der Horst (Eddie Savion) they are soon over his knee being taught a lesson in morality. 


    He follows this with both boys over the Gym horse receiving his well-worn black leather belt searing their defenceless bare bottoms!.


    In other areas the Headmaster is not to happy with the way Giles is managing the student body! On one of his rounds he decides to mentor his leading boy mainly through his bare bottom with the flat of his palm, this in the hope of applying some sense via Brokers firm muscular backside.

    A visit to his study is arranged for the next day where a hot and hard stinging caning is laid on with a well-oiled rattan. For Giles Brocker as head boy he must take it if only to establish his position in the College.


    Nobody is tougher than him until of course that cruel rattan whips painfully in to his well-rounded bare bottom, then he, like many others, howls and howls until the final burning stripe is laid on.
    Before bedtime in the dorm Giles Brocker will as usual just strip off casually but making sure the others get a quick glimpse of his burning stripes. I am the Head Boy and I can take is written skilfully over his backside. Luckily none of the boys were there to see his ‘taking it’ performance not exactly that of a tough lad after all!


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  • Sting – Failed Inspection


    Failed Inspection: Directed by Jonathan Fox. Back in barracks again this time with Mike Cross as the officer and featuring two hunky cadets, Damien Drake and Randal Pittman. Having both failed inspection their officer decides to administer an on the spot punishment.


    Firstly Trooper Richards (Randall Pittman) is taken over the knee in time-honoured fashion and given a heavy handed military boys spanking. His ample rounded bare cheeks begin to glow under the onslaught of this disciplinary attack. 



    Looking on Trooper Mitchell (Damien Drake) knows he is next. Again down comes the officers gym trained arm spanking the now squirming young Mitchell’s bare buttocks as he yelps and bucks under the officers stinging palm.


    Because his section commander knows he is the main instigator of slackness and indiscipline it’s Richards who had to take a follow strapping. Mitchell can only look on quickly coming to the conclusion that in future he is going to toe the line and get on with some proper soldiering.

    The belt comes down delivering crack after crack of burning leather until the young trooper’s backside bares all the reddened marks of well laid on discipline. Next time it’s really for both these troopers not going to be a failed inspection! 



  • Sting: Video trailer for Angry Dads – Then and Now

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    Video trailer


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  • Sting: Angry Dads – Episode One “Then and Now”

     The latest Sting download Angry Dads – Episode One “Then and Now”
    Staring Damien Drake, Aaron Alton and  new StingLad Xander Hollister

     ‘Just wait till your father gets home!’ This closing expletive often used as Mum’s triumphal remark when she attempts to bring fear and dreaded anticipation to a delinquent son. It’s then a gamble till dad gets home to see just what he intends to do.

    In this new series first off its back in time to see what happened to young George Holmes (Damien Drake) and his younger brother Allan (Xander Hollister) when they raided a local apple orchard. Furious that he’s been accosted about this in his local pub, their father tears a strip off them in the front room.

    Later when they’ve cleaned up the boys report to the kitchen where dad has a good spanking in mind for both of them. First one then the other watch as dad slaps their bare bottoms hard warning them to learn to behave. Little Allan quivers as he watches his elder brother George buck and twist across dads knee his backside getting redder at each stinging slap.

    Why? Because he’s next! 

    Knowing they really need to learn not to steal Mr Holmes now puts both lads across the kitchen table and brings out the black leather riding crop kept especially for exemplary disciplinary measures. Thwipp, crack, down it comes burning its message deeply in to the reddened pert bare cheeks, finally bringing the lads to tears.

    Now it’s the present day and young Aaron (Aaron Alton) has been caught smoking in school yet again. Like Mr Holmes his dad is also furious that his son didn’t take heed the first time round. So, now bent over and touching his toes he awaits the red hot collision of his own carpet slipper against his protruding defenceless bare bottom. He yells at each stroke, his lily white buttocks quickly turn a bright shade of red.

    To complement the lad’s gross breach of discipline Dad now takes Aaron across his knee to finish the job. As the spanking draws to a close his bottom is on fire and tears well up in the lads eyes.

    It’s likely that none of the boys want to be on the receiving end again too quickly. Especially from anything dished out by their Angry Dads.


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  • Sting – Oh Brother- The Movie



    Oh Brother – The Movie. This Sting mega movie follows the trials and tribulations of two lads sentenced to re training at an industrial school.

    Brendan McCarthy (Damien Drake) and Jimmy McGuire (Pavel Novy) are sent to Innesfial institution which is run by a sect of strict religious Brothers. In their time there they encounter other boys sent inside for various criminal offences but all of whom now face the severe discipline dished out by the staff.

    One such lad is Leroy Malone (Jay faith) who never seems to turn up to morning assembly on time. This has not gone unnoticed by Brother Matthias who takes a strap to the hapless boy’s bare backside.

     Sean Riley (Darren) another inmate steals some of the sacrificial wine and ends up being chastised in time honoured fashion by Bother Lonigan (Dexter) a spanking then a dose of the heavy black leather strap lashing down across the boys raised bare bottom as he lays face down on a bunk. Even then it’s not over as Brother Lonigan has other wishes he needs fulfilled.

    Brother Lonigan also pays for his sins
    Later however he too will face severe monastic discipline for breaking his vows. Brother Jacob (Mike Cross) is a stickler for keeping order but also finds himself on the wrong end of the Principle Brothers strap for not adhering to the compulsory pious way of living.


    Casey MacDermott (Aaron Alton) is in trouble with Brother James (Luke Radley) for drinking alcohol and soon finds himself over the youthful Brothers knee getting his smooth white little butt spanked red raw. But as with Brother Lonigan a spanking is often not enough!


    At1 hour and 17 minutes long, the action in Oh brother is really too vast to list here but the rattan cane, strap, bath brush and spanking are just part of the butt blistering storyline not to mention the strict approach of the Brother towards their charges. Other members of the cast include, Brandon Junior, new Sting lad Daniel Friesh, Marco, Jimmy Evans, Jamie Carmichael and the brothers themselves.



    Brother Jacob (Mike Cross)  also gets a well overdue comeuppance

    In true Sting Pictures style the attention to setting, detail and costumes are superb.

    A Richard O’Shea film