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  • MancSpank – An Accident in Detention

    In MancSpank’s new release An Accident in Detention a handsome young miscreant called Simmons finds himself in detention once again and the headmaster isn’t exactly pleased with this as he has to stay back with him but has other plans. He decides to give Simmons a good spanking instead to see if that can sort the lad out.

    The head starts out on underwear and then moves on to bare bottom. What’s that we see on Simmons? He’s actually got a hard-on! He cannot hold back any more and shoots his cum flying all over the head’s lap! The headmaster is disgusted at this and gives Simmons a hard slippering.

    The Head then orders Simmons to come back to his office after rugby training the next day. The next day the cane awaits Simmons and the head will ensure that he won’t get aroused with his next spanking!

    What’s this? Could Simmons be enjoying it?

    What a mess!! You Disgusting Boy!!

    A sound slippering!

    Then back next day – for the cane

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  • “Borstal or Uncle’s” – Movie Review

    “Borstal or Uncle’s” is another enjoyable romp from MancSpank Productions.

    Set in a present day when Borstals (which as anyone with an interest in British discipline knows were institutions set up for the education and correction of wayward youths) still exist the story involves two 18 year old ruffians, Brad and Liam, and their strict Uncle Stuart.

    Brad and Liam already have a record of bad behavior and, after a further run in with the law, a court magistrate presents them with the option of being sent to Borstal or spending six weeks in the custody of Uncle Stuart, who is a friend of the magistrate and has very strict views on the disciplining of young men.

    Fearful of Borstal, the lads opt for six weeks with Uncle Stuart and it is not long before they begin to wonder if they have made the right choice.

    The story opens with the two boys discussing Uncle Stuart and speculating as to whether he may be gay, or a “fookin’ pierviert” as they say in Manchester. “He ain’t touching my ass!” announce both boys with a defiant bravado which fails to outlast Uncle Stuart’s first command.

    The lads arrive at uncle Stuart’s home, where they are to stay for the next six months and immediately anger Uncle Stuart by misinterpreting his advice to “make themselves at home”, as an invitation to drink his beer.

    This results in the two, still smirking and impudent young miscreants, receiving a stern lecture.

    The lads are then instructed to to change into smarter clothes leading one the scruffy hooligans to inquire “How do ya’ tie a fookin’ tie?”

    It is then that the brothers are informed that their punishment is to include regular severe spankings, and while Brad is instructed to stand and watch, Liam’s pants and underwear are soon around his ankles, and he is face down across Uncle Stuart’s knee.

    There follows one of Stuart’s trademark long hard and rapid fire hand spankings, while the squirming and protesting Liam discovers what the next six weeks have in store for them. “This will happen every day for the next six weeks” Snaps uncle Stuart. “Six Weeks?” wails Liam, “Borstal would be heaven by comparison!!”

    Eventually Liam is allowed up and Brad takes his place.

    Despite being larger and stockier than his brother, Brad’s earlier cockiness soon dissolves in in to pitiful pleas for mercy as he declares how sorry he is and how he will behave himself in future.

    However, Stuart would not be Stuart is he let any lad off his lap before his bottom has been well and truly toasted. Brad’s pleas fall on deaf ears as the painful rapid assault on his plump and tender butt cheeks continues.

    Finally Uncle Stuart decides the boys has had enough and instructs them to get ready for bed. “But is only 7:00!!” protests Liam.

    Unfortunately for the brothers, they still haven’t learned to clean up their language, and some further swearing leads to them being dragged into the lounge by their ears.

    Each is then in turn instructed to drop him pants and bend over a dining chair where they are soon on the sore, bare bottomed end of a firm caning.

    “Borstal of Uncle’s” has all the ingredients we have come to expect from MancSpank Productions, good performances, increasingly professional camera work and production values, a nice touch of Mancunian humor, and lots of hot hard spanking which any spanking fan will enjoy, this reviewer certainly did!

    Ward: 08/22/2010

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  • New from MancSpank – Borstal or Uncle’s

    In the latest release from MancSpank “Borstal or Uncle’s” two 18 year old lads get the choice in court to either spend 6 weeks in borstal or 6 weeks with their uncle, who happens to be a friend of the magistrate’s.

    The two boy’s have no idea what’s waiting for them until they get there and learn that uncle Stuart is a very firm believer in spanking.

    Later on, as they simply do not learn, uncle Stuart is forced to give them a taste of the cane.

    They will soon learn to show some respect and stop swearing.

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