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  • Sting / Hornet – 1900 The Power Of Persuasion (Part 2)

    The mixture of pleasure and pain continue at the House of Correction, over in the workshop where two lads are cleaning up more indecent acts are brewing. John Kelly (Aaron Alton) and Henry Osborne (Oscar Roberts) will face the governor Colonel Lee and their cell block warder Mr Stoddard (Eddie Savion).
    Now both over the knee of the Governor and Mr Stoddard the two are spanked red raw in tandem.


    Later, The governor leaves instructing Mr Stoddard to administer the birch to each of the lad’s bare bottoms. This warder too sees his chance, who is ever going to know, the birch can stimulate more than just a well-rounded bare backside.


    First to feel the burning twigs lash in to his backside is John Kelly while on the other end young muscular Henry Osborne is servicing Mr Stoddard as he lays on the freshly soaked rods. 


    The strokes build up scorching Kelly’s bare bottom leading all to a climax but not before the situation is revered and it’s Osborne who is on the receiving end. The site of his whipped bottom bucking and arching as the birch bites home brings the young warder to a quick conclusion.

    It might have ended there but inmate Osborne who’s buttocks are still burning the day after feels they had a raw deal in more ways than one and Mr Stoddard finds himself informed upon.


    The Governor feels he has to do something and lets the young officer choose between dismissal or a dose of corporal punishment to rectify the situation. Warder Stoddard although a fit muscular young chap goes for the hiding.
    The Governors assistant Mr Lindsay will lay on the punishment a good spanking no less and a birching whilst over the birching pony normally reserved to deal with the very young charges he is supposed to instil a moral sense in to.
    Now the tables have really turned all down to the power of persuasion.


    Warning this download is over one hour long, so the HD versions are very large files. Please ensure that your Internet can download the size stated


  • Andy – Chinese Birch – 36 Hard Lashes!

    Posted on by Ward
     I wonder if Andy was still grinning so broadly after he’s received his punishment!!!
    In this scene there is no dialogue build up. Just Andy arriving, already knowing what his fate is.
    “You know why you are here”

     “Assume the position”
    Andy assumes the the position with his hands placed against the wall, Mr X starts the punishment. 

    12 lashes over his jeans,……
     “Get those jeans off”!!!
    then another 12 over his underwear


    Some interesting camera angles
    and finally 12 on his bare bottom
    “36 hard lashes”!
    After the punishment is over Andy is simply told to get dressed and leave……

    Video Preview
    As you can see from the pictures above, there are some quality issues with this video,due to a new and less experienced cameraman. The studio has taken this into account when setting the price.  For full details please click here and scroll down to read a message from Mr.X




  • Domestic Trilogy from Sting

    Posted on by Ward
     Domestic Trilogy is a new domestic themed download from Sting staring Sebastian, Barry and new Sting Lad Lewis Johanson
    The first scene features Sebastian in ‘Hello Mr Wood’.  A young man is caught trying to reactivate a military rifle. For this reckless act he is punished right there and then in the workshop.
     Soon his jeans are down and his bare backside feels a succession relentless slaps……… 

     To really make sure he understands the error of his ways the lad is ordered to lie across the tool box and the nearest instrument of correction is grabbed. A painful flat piece of pine slating is soon echoing round the workshop as it cracks in to the boy’s rounded bare bottom. This young gun is certainly going to learn a lesson.

    Lewis Johanson makes his debut appearance in “Puppy tail”

     Lewis has the dreaded task of returning home with yet another letter complaining of his behaviour. Dad has had enough and feels it’s high time to teach Jack a proper lesson, so, likening his ways as that of a naughty puppy he is treated as such…….. 

     Sent to his room to change and await punishment Jack can only reflect on what will happen. He doesn’t have to wait long and soon his Dad has him laid across his knee for a good spanking..

    his freshly inserted puppy tail adding to the humiliation

     Feeling he has been a little to soft with the boy a birch, kept on top of the wardrobe, is brought down to finish the lesson…….. 

    A further scene entitled ‘Sorry Pops’ takes a look at a South African Dads discipline method. Barry plays a wayward lad who has pushed his father too far. He returns home to find his dad is in no mood to compromise. Ordered to kneel in a sofa with his bare backside raised high the young lad bucks a yelps as a well-used leather belt scorches his naked bottom. This time Pops really is annoyed! 


     There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

  • New From Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary … Part 1

    Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary” is the latest download by Sting.   
    In the old British Borstal System, known as juvenile correction in the US, lads had to wear khaki coloured short trousers and woollen shirts. The clothing chosen was often ex-military saving the government money and militarising the situation making it more regimental and tough for the inmates.
     Officer Carter had taken up his first post in a Borstal institution fresh from regular prison service. He soon settled in and realised that discipline administration is somewhat different for younger transgressors. Officer Copeland (Rusty) certainly knows how to deal firmly with unruly trainees and so he does with Kirby (Tom Nuttall) a cheeky young trainee from his own house. 
    Firstly, by marching him in to the changing room by his ear then laying on a traditional and firm spanking. Kirby squirms and twists as his bare backside gets redder and raw with each slap.

    However Copeland is never satisfied with just a spanking, so he chooses a whippy rattan cane from stock and orders Kirby to bend over. Reluctantly the lad obeys and receives a stinging batch of burning stripes across his already sore backside.


     Official birching has to be administered and its time for Trainee Williams (Matt Mills) to receive his. After the sentence is read out he is secured over the vaulting horse and Mr Copeland lays on the punishment.

    The whippy and sharp birch twigs lash home leaving poor Williams raised bare bottom feeling like its on fire! ……………..
    To be continued ………
    Click here for more pictures from Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary 
    There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declatation in the right hand column of this blog

  • Stingstruments – Part 2 – the Birch

     Following on from PartOne covering the cane, Part Two of Stingstruments looks at the Birch.
    Probably as well known as the rattan punishment cane it was also used in schools, Borstals, Prisons, Naval training ships and many judicial institutions across Europe. Firstly in a 1900’s House Of Correction a young strapping tearaway (Rusty) receives a sentence of 24 strokes held securely over the traditional birching pony. As the strokes build the legendary growing sting of the birch takes effect. Soon he is twisting and growling, his bare backside burning red as the biting twigs land very hard!……….


    Next up, wearing his stripped Pyjamas, it’s a good old traditional spanking from Dad none too pleased that the lad has been in trouble. This hard slapping over freshly laid birch strokes brings more hell fire to the lad’s already well-marked bottom! ………

     A further scene features another use of the birch. Rusty now plays a Naval training ship cadet ordered to receive 18 cuts bare breech. Taking down his white duck bell bottoms he positions himself over the gym horse, his well-rounded buttocks now raised high. The CPO takes up the instrument, all too well known in naval circles and lays on the cuts as sentenced. Taking his birching punishment like a man as stoic naval cadets were expected to do requires all the cadet’s resilience. The birch cuts home stroke after stroke again building in intensity till the lads bare backside is enflamed and raw.
    Reporting afterwards to the sick bay for an application of antiseptic was mandatory in days gone by and our cadet too is happy to receive this treatment especially after a dose of this latest Stingstrument: The Birch. 


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  • Sting – Bring Back the Birch (Video trailer)

    Here is the trailer for Bring Back the Birch, Sting’s latest feature length download
    A full sized version of the trailer can be downloaded from Swoopshare by clicking here, or from SendSpace by clicking here


    Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

  • Just released by Sting – “Bring Back the Birch!”

    The new release by Sting is “Bring Back the Birch”, which is over an hour and nineteen minutes in length, and features a cast of 10 bare (RED) bottomed Sting Lads, including established favourites such as Dan, Alex, James Bruce, Brad, Louie, Robbie and Dexter, together with relative new comers like Jason Kingsley, and Carlos plus some previously unknown Actors including the handsome Leonardo.
    Those wielding the birch, in addition to Rich and Rob, include the formidable Dr. Barton, Rusty and Scott Heart (from the Brothers) and Dexter (when he is not getting a sore birched bottom himself)
    Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. This movie traces the history of that fearsome implement.
    For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary. In this red butt packed drama documentary Sting takes a very close look at some parts of its history …….

    Direct Link to the “Bring Back the Birch” download

  • Coming soon from Sting – “Bring Back the Birch

    The next Sting Download “Bring Back the Birch” will be released later this week. Over an hour long, over two years in the making, and featuring a host of Sting lads, some familiar, and some new, this Sting documentary will examine the use of the birch as a fearsome instrument of punishment.
    Sting use authentic birch and hazel branches in their scary looking birches, not easy to find in central London, so maybe they send the bad lads out to the Bohemian woods looking for the switches which will later be used on their bottom?
    One thing is for certain, those things really *sting!!*
    There will be more pictures to follow when “Bring Back the Birch” is released


  • Tanning Tigger – Part Two

    One of the cutest Sting lads of all time, Tigger has received many spankings. The hand spanking depicted in part one was just the first of four spanking young Tigger receives in
    Tales from St Datchet’s Academy

    In a later scene, Tigger still in his striped pajamas, and Coyote get into serious trouble, with the result that our young here receives a severe birching, on his bare bottom, while bent over the gym horse.

    In other scenes from Tales from St Datchet’s Academy Tigger gets the cane ……….
    …… and the slipper (images from the slippering scene can be viewed here)

    Tales From St Datchet’s Academy also stars Jamie, Brett, David, Matt Mills, Barry, Anderson, Coyote, Harry, Mike, JJ, James, Vex, Mark, Lee, Nick
    and, of course, Dr. Barton



    Tales from St Datchet’s Academy on DVD

    Tales from St Datchet’s Academy as a download

    Users in the USA can purchase Sting DVDS from Mans Hand Films
    click here for details

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  • Sting’s latest Download – St Datchet’s Academy – the Epilogue

    The new Sting download “St Datchet’s Academy – The Epilogue” complete the story of Tales from St Datchets Academy. In the original story (also on DVD) the final reckoning had come for the lads at Debden Hall, Nick Frazer and Mike Dawson. Frazer receiving a hard birching from his housemaster while his cohort Dawson was made to look on and witness the spectacle. In this new story (The epilogue) the prefects at St Datchets, Christian Weaver (Brett Stevens) and Paul Harrington (James) also get their comeuppance for their own illegal trading activities associated with Frazer and Dawson. Weaver is willing to accept his guilt and takes a hard caning of which he painfully calls and counts out every stroke! Harrington the ringleader doesn’t want to come so easily but is forced by the new housemaster Dr Barton, now transferred from Debden Hall, to take his well deserved punishment a birching with the famed St Datchets brush birch laid on by Mr James the PE head.

    The final reckoning had come for Weaver and Harrington but others too where feeling the sting of firm discipline. New PE master Mr Medek (Dexter) was dealing out his own form of punishment to two inseparable offenders Simmons (Sebastian) and Roberts (Rowan Hunter). Good hard over the knee spankings followed by the slipper and a burning touch the toes caning was this fit young PE masters recipe to cure bad behaviour. Another student, Andrew Peterson (Ginger) is keeping Mr Gregory busy with his tuck shop raiding exploits resulting in a night time slippering over the gym horse.

    New master Mr Jeffries (Jamie) also crosses swords with young Peterson who soon finds himself across his knee! New prefects are being made up and one Macalister (Barry) is getting his punishment giving skills in order. His spanking of 5th former James Mitchell (Alistair Cole) seems to be a good start but laying on a good caning is another matter! Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) has managed to rub Deputy Head Alan Harrison up the wrong way again and is summoned to the hall for a birching. The padre ever watchful for transgressors deals with both Charlie (Vex) and Chinese student Lee, his heaving pounding hand bringing a sharp sting to the boy’s defenceless bare bottoms. All in all for the wayward Students it’s a red raw and painful run up to the end chapter of St Datchets Academy: The Epilogue.

    Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) nervously awaits his birching

    Czech Sting lad Alistair tastes the cane

    Whilst Rowan and Sebastian make the acquaintance of the new PE Master

    Those who remember the scene in St. Datchet’s Academy where Weaver (Brett) and Harrington (James) bully poor little David, will enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance. Here Weaver gets 24 strokes of the cane, all on his bare behind.

    In previously unreleased footage shot in the UK Peterson (Ginger) takes a slippering from Mr. Gregory (Rob) and later a hand spanking from one time Sting Lad Jamie playing Mr Jeffries.

    Harrington (James) meets Dr. Barton